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i am sooo fed up

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fostermum Wed 20-Apr-05 18:33:39

i want to end my marraige as we have nothing in common, i want to change my job because i feel im put upon to much, i want to take charge of my life instead of being pushed about,but ive no idea where the hell to start!

dropinthe Wed 20-Apr-05 18:42:10

A holiday,ALONE??

fostermum Wed 20-Apr-05 18:44:17

got one booked for july,going home to new zealand for three weeks,

dropinthe Wed 20-Apr-05 18:44:48


fostermum Wed 20-Apr-05 18:45:45

yes alone,my husband was only to pleased for me to go,he spending most his time out with his mates and moterbike

ggglimpopo Wed 20-Apr-05 18:47:29

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Wed 20-Apr-05 18:47:37

ok dokey - the main issue is money - i.e. having enough for you (plus any maintenance etc he might be paying you) to live on, pay bills etc, and whether if you change jobs, you will be able to do that.

do you have any concrete ideas as to a new job?

dropinthe Wed 20-Apr-05 18:49:17

gpopo-good advice and a good order!

fostermum Wed 20-Apr-05 18:50:26

oh i know what i want to do and how i could support my self, but how to get it set in motion is the hard bit yes im still fostering but want to go over to supported accomidation,i just feel so closed in!husband hasnt wanted to know me for about two years now i made my mind up to split he suddenly being nice which makes it harder to do because we are friends if nothing else

ggglimpopo Wed 20-Apr-05 19:04:09

Message withdrawn

fostermum Wed 20-Apr-05 19:55:22

yes thats the thing the plan ummmm where to start

charleepeters Wed 20-Apr-05 19:59:56

hi i know this is a difficult time for you and as u know if your that unhapy you need to change your life, you should talk to your husband and say what ur thinking and that your going away to think about it. also you know your children are all there for you and will support you 100% doing what you want with your life xxx

fostermum Wed 20-Apr-05 20:01:22

thank you oh wise one hows that grandson of mine?

charleepeters Wed 20-Apr-05 20:09:05

fine sleeping like a baby lol remember what i said use me im here my home is your home and my ears are yours for listning x

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