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Possible PND - is there any reason I should NOT go to the doctors?

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Honeymoonmummy Wed 25-Mar-09 06:08:42

I think I might have mild PND. If I go to the doctors and it's on my record I'm worried that it may affect me in the future, eg with future employment if they ask for access to medical records, or with sickness insurance. Am I being stupid???

moyasmum Wed 25-Mar-09 06:13:34


BoffinMum Wed 25-Mar-09 06:19:57

This certainly worries other mums as well. I am not sure what the answer is, except it's generally better for one's health in the long term to get treated for things and disregard bureaucrats. But I suspect many people struggle through alone precisely because of this problem.

TattyCatty Wed 25-Mar-09 07:04:28

I can understand why you're worried, but it shouldn't be an issue. I had to get a doctor's report to take out Life Assurance when DD was a year old, due to a blood clotting disorder, and I was a little taken aback when my GP just printed out all of my notes and sent them across to the Insurer. I'd assumed that he would only give details of the one disorder, so I was worried that he'd given all the details about my PND as well. The insurance company didn't query it once, even though I hadn't declared the PND on any forms as I don't consider it to be an ongoing condition.

As an employer, if it's not a condition that impacts your work and requires the organisation to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace in order for you to work with the condition, then it again should not be an area for discussion.

Please don't suffer in silence and struggle through - talk to your GP and see what they suggest. It's not necessarily a question of anti depressants - I was treated with progesterone supplements.

Honeymoonmummy Wed 25-Mar-09 08:16:45

That's useful to know re progesterone supplements Tatty, thanks.

Nabster Wed 25-Mar-09 08:18:03

Sorry, but in the nicest way, you are being silly.

If you are ill, you need help and medication. If you don't get well you won't be in a position to get a job.

I have had depression for years and it is no fun.

Please go and get some support.

Honeymoonmummy Thu 26-Mar-09 17:21:52

Thanks everyone.

ChloeChris Fri 12-Jun-09 00:47:38

I am interested to know of anyone who has been helped with psychosis with progesterone or phytoestrogen supplementaton.

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