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Citalopram for SAD - when/how to come off?

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tigerdriver Wed 04-Mar-09 21:02:09

I have suffered from SAD for many years but this autumn was awful and my dr prescribed Citalopram in November. Got the dose right by about the end of December and I've been ok since. Usually I start to feel ok mid-March, anyone experienced this, and when did you come off? I think you have to cut down the dose gradually. I don't want to keep on with the meds during the spring and summer.

MitchyInge Thu 05-Mar-09 11:22:21

what does your dr suggest? think it's supposed to be about 6 months in order to get any sort of preventative action out of the cipramil but I have imagined that

is the plan to resume in autumn if you need to?

MitchyInge Thu 05-Mar-09 11:22:50

* might have imagined that I meant

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