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MrsBigD Fri 15-Apr-05 10:05:37

I went to see my GP last week as I've been feeling extremely low and was 'loosing it'. I asked for AD's (worked last time round) but also some counselling. I did get referred and just called the 'central booking office'... the waiting list is 6-8 months!!! Surely if I were suicidal that would be a bit long?! First I thought I misheard and she meant weeks but no... it's months.

I'm glad I've got mumsnet to pour my heart out!

ETsmum Fri 15-Apr-05 15:11:45

God that sounds awful And I agree what if you were suicidal? Fat lot of good 6-8 months would be then. Is your gp able to do anything to hurry it along? Or are you able to go on a cancellation list or something, maybe to get an appointment at short notice? Sorry I can't offer any other ideas as I live in Guernsey and fortunately we don't have the same wait.

As you said, pour it out on Mumsnet.....I've found talking on here really helps, and just writing things down helps clear your head sometimes......

How many ds/dd's do you have? Do you work? Do you have a dp/dh? Sorry, I'm quite new and still getting to know everyone, but happy to chat if you need to bend someones ear.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 15-Apr-05 15:18:11

It's shocking atm.

My mum is going for CBT to help her anxiety. Luckily my mum works for a private hospital and gets counselling as one of the perks so she will be starting hers next week. The GP said she would be waiting till xmas or even early next year otherwise.

Hope you start to pick up soon.

maria1966 Fri 15-Apr-05 15:44:18

Am currently on a CBT course of therapy myself on the NHS
What area are you living in?I am in Norfolk
Just wondering as waiting times for CBT seem to vary across the country.
Hope you get on a programme sooner.
Is it CBT you are waiting for or councilling?
I was told if i wanted councilling i would have to go private

MrsBigD Fri 15-Apr-05 15:51:26

Thanks for your messages

I'm in Ealing and I might just go private if I have to. I'm just after some 'simple councelling' basically so I can talk to someone who's non-biased and removed from my situation. Haven't got many friends (most of them are either abroard or the other side of London, which means they might as well be abroad...) and family are abroad so no real support network.

Need me time but don't seem to be able to sort it out as there's always something happening. dh is trying to help but sometimes he's part of the problem iykwim

I have dd 3.3y and ds 7.5 m. They're really not too bad but everything's getting too much atm

morningpaper Fri 15-Apr-05 15:55:40

Contact your local branch of Mind, the mental health charity. They should be able to point you in the direction of very cheap/free counselling services in your area.

MrsBigD Fri 15-Apr-05 16:00:38

thanks morning paper I might just do that Ealing must be a very drpessed place for such long waiting lists

Arabica Fri 15-Apr-05 20:23:39

Hiya Mrs BigD. There is a college in Ealing called Metanoia which trains therapists and offers low-cost counselling with therapists who are towards the end of their training. I used to study there before I had DS, so I know they are very good! You can find out more about them here Just ring the general phone number and ask for the clinic.

anniebear Sun 24-Apr-05 21:38:41

I went on a waiting list about a month ago...a 9 month one!! how stupid

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