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Could curl up in a ball today.....

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sweetkitty Fri 15-Apr-05 09:09:06

Have already posted on legal so have copied it over
I'm interested in this as well nailpolish as I'm pulling my hair out over our housemove.

Had offer accepted on this house in January first time buyer wanted to move in 5-6 weeks so after about 3 weeks we found a house we loved in Scotland. Our buyer took 6 weeks to arrange his survey with his lender so that stalled things (house still on market though loads of viewers no interest) he came back round with 6 of his family saying how dissappointed he was not moving in in the 6 weeks and he was still really keen and desperate to move in. That was 3 weeks ago now I have found out the sale is stalling because he hasn't paid for his searches so his solicitor won't go ahead.

Scotland side of things is going really well mortgage is in place we just need to sell this place to release the funds. We have his mobile number and I spoke to him last week and he said he would contact his solicitor tried calling him yesterday left a message but he hasn't called back.

To make things worse DP starts his new job in Scotland beginning of next month so he will be up there spending £100 a week on commuting and DD and I will be down here by ourselves.

Well update is buyer hasn't answered any of my or the estate agents messages, if he can't afford to pay for his searches what chance is there of him paying for anything else? So we have dropped the price of this place but it's not looking hopeful (16 viewings 1 offer since last August). We are so stretched financially that a bridging loan is out of the question so it looks like the sale of our drwam home in Scotland will fall through (feel so bad letting the vendors down).

DP due to start his new job in 2 weeks this means he will have to move in with his mum and commute over 2 hours a day costing £100 a week. Meanwhile DD and I have to stay down here in London with no real friends or family around us and DP won't be able to afford to come down every weekend.

This move was a new start for us as well as we are downsizing to a cheaper (but larger house) and using some of the proceeds to pay off our debts (significant). DP and I are at each others throats as he is saying I'm so miserable and all I ever do is moan about the house and he doesn't want to come home at night. I can't help it I'm stuck in this tiny flat which I hate with DD 24/7 practically and it's driving me mad. The longer we stay here the more it's gong to cost us financially as well and now we only have one wage coming in this is worrying me too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I know I'm waffling but feel I need to offload somewhere.

oatcake Fri 15-Apr-05 09:34:56

London? only one offer? Why? London's the place to be and I thought that property was moving fast (I live in the burbs...)

It does sound like you're being messed around by your buyer and I hope you still get your dream house which sounds lovely.

sweetkitty Tue 19-Apr-05 16:22:46

Well we have had to let the house in Scotland go so are back to square one, waiting on a buyer. We have moved estate agents and dropped the price too.

DP starts work in less than 2 weeks in Scotland so he will be commuting 3 hours there and back meanwhile DD and I will be stuck down here, no friends, no family, no car, no buses due to stupid one buggy rule!!! oh and no money!

BubblesDeVere Tue 19-Apr-05 16:25:19

Sweetkitty, what is that rule on the buses about?

sweetkitty Tue 19-Apr-05 16:32:24

On another thread but basically drivers will only take one unfolded buggy on board now so if a bus comes and there is already a buggy on board you are s**ed if you cannot fold your up. Try it with a 17lbs+ baby that wriggles and some shopping it's impossible!!

Chandra Tue 19-Apr-05 16:55:40

Sweetkitty the property market is kind of slow during winter, I'm sure that with your new price and the spring ariving you will have more viewers and hopefully another offer.

Spacecadet Tue 19-Apr-05 21:34:29

sweetkitty you poor thing, i think your buyer sounds like a bit of a timewaster, its possible he found somewhere else? being in a chain, is mentally draining, have you informed the vendors of your prospective home in scotland of the situation, are they in a hurry to move? if not will they be happy to hang on as it were?.Where in london is your current home?

sweetkitty Tue 19-Apr-05 22:27:53

The thing I don't get though is he brought around his parents (who were going back to India) and his new in laws to see the flat, took photos so he could start buying furnitute etc I think he can't afford the deposit/stamp duty or can't get a mortgage.

I am phoning my Scottish solicitor in the morning and also the vendors of the new house in Scotland. They have already moved into their new house so will be desperate to sell.

Spacecadet I'm in Thamesmead SE London a supposed up and coming area, 2 bed flat with views of the Thames, still afforable to first time buyers!!!

sweetkitty Thu 21-Apr-05 09:25:52

No news from our buyer (no surprise there then)!

I have to phone our vendor in Scotland today and tell her we cannot buy her property, she phoned yesterday and asked if we could pay her mortgage for 3 months she would keep the house for us. But we cannot afford to do it there is no way we can pay 2 mortgages or a bridging loan on one salary. Really dreading the phonecall but what can I do? At least I have the decency to call her and explain the situation, our buyer has done that.

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