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i need someonw 2 be there.... someone PLEASE b there

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livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:05:13

yes im tipsy, i felt safe 2night (im in Aus) , for the first time in a long time i felt safe 2 drink. I must have been mad! their is always some guy who is going to try it on inappropriately.... i have massive men issues and a good night has turned into something horrible and i just need someone 2 say it okay, and that i'l be fine!

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:10:10

fuck! i cant even spell the OP correctly!

Goober Sun 25-Jan-09 15:11:33

Are you alone now?

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 15:11:57

Are you OK? What happened?

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:15:53

yes... just double locked myself into a hotel room. a bloke just wouldn't leave me alone, and followed me 2 my room. i know he/anyone can't get in, but im still panicking.

ContainsMildPeril Sun 25-Jan-09 15:17:11

Call security - now!

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 15:17:34

can you phone reception and ask them to check he has left??

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:19:16

there was banging on my door for a few minutes but has stopped now. im sure the guy was just being a "guy" but i am freaked!

weetimorousdizzybeastie Sun 25-Jan-09 15:19:28

oh for crying out loud, we're going to be feck all use to you on the internet

phone reception and have them send someone up to check he's gone

ContainsMildPeril Sun 25-Jan-09 15:19:44

They really won't mind if you call them.

ContainsMildPeril Sun 25-Jan-09 15:20:11

Give him a good scare too.

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 15:25:02

He cant get in your room so try and be assured your safe...however its not a nicve thought that someone is reception tell them you are worried and they will check for you. Are you at the hotel alone??

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:25:38

i'm pretty sure he has gone now... no reception open or security.... saves me right for booking cheap! think i am just over panicky due 2 previous experiences. i hope thats all. guy got into a cab with me, supposed to share, him drop me off then carry on, he tried to kiss me etc, he went 2 get out of cab and i said 'ur not coming up' and got in the door and closed it. but door was banged on a couple of minutes later. im just freaked.

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 15:28:01

if you are still worried and there is no other help, just call the police....tell them what has happened and that you are on your own and scared, I am sure they would send a car over to check.

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:30:30

i'm okay, just needed 2 talk 2 someone iyswim, so i dont feel as alone as i am. im just not as good at being alone as a i used to.

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 15:32:16

I know what you mean, sometimes just knowing there is someone out there helps!!!! Are you feeling a bit better now?

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 15:36:10

i have called reception , the owner was on site (god knows why at this time!) he has checked and their is no one here. i am still a bit panicky, but better... the bloke trying it on so forcefully just brought on some awful memories.

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 16:03:31

okay, i now know that their is no one their. i am still hyperventilating and panicy. i know it is irrational, but i cant bloody help it!

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 16:04:51

im more typing this 2 keep myself sane more than anything else.

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 16:12:30

OK think about it...if someone was there, 1. He wuld have been seen, 2. If he saw someone else about he would have ran off, 3. He would have done something by calm down, you are safe, someone has checked. There is a very real chance the guy did leave in the taxi and its just coincidence someone hit your/neighbours door. You wont be the only person in the hotel.....deep are fine...nothing has happened....nothing will happen!!

livinginadreamworld Sun 25-Jan-09 16:15:50

thank u inzidoodle. knowing another person is around.... even hundreds of miles away! is weirdly good.

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 18:13:14

Sorry had to go make dinner!! just checking your OK. I hope your sleeping soundly now!!

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