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Is there an 'addicts' thread?

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naswm Sun 11-Jan-09 20:58:04

I know there used to be the dependant drinkers thread (not seen it for months) but I wondered if there was a thread where people with all addictions could safely share? Alcoholism, EDs, narcotics, etc etc

just a thought...

naswm Mon 12-Jan-09 10:13:43

I guess not then....

Takingitslowly Mon 12-Jan-09 10:14:42

I was looking for one as well but couldn't find a recent one.

jaide Mon 12-Jan-09 10:37:58

id like to see one to as i have an addiction, and as naswm said would like to safely share. often wonder if any other mums do the same as me and how it affects there life.

naswm Mon 12-Jan-09 13:48:09

<waves to Takingitslowly and jaide> have we 'met' before?

I am struggling today. Nowhere feels particularly safe atm, although I am doing my damn best to function as normal as possible....

jaide Mon 12-Jan-09 18:44:57

i dont think we have 'met' before, my friends without kids know all about what i am like as do my work friends. whats worrying me is i dont know how much longer i can carry on, but i really enjoy what i do iyswim. im all most certain when i snap at kids its down to my problem and i dont want my kids (when they are older) to be like, ahhhh so thats why mum used to go like that. is there anyone that can support you when your struggling?

naswm Mon 12-Jan-09 19:25:50

Are you getting any support jaide? Does your GP for instance know about your problems? Have you tried any of the 'anonymous' groups?

jaide Tue 13-Jan-09 19:04:51

no have not discussed it with anyone ''offical'' my problem started when i got into raving and the club scene, im not physically dependent but am emotionally dpendent and life is harder for me if i dont have it, sometimes i go a week without but that is only because there is a drought!! i will have to seek support at some point but at the moment i really dont want to give it up, i prob be a groups worst nightmare.

naswm Wed 14-Jan-09 21:21:46

do you have a good Health Visiotr?

I am struggling tonight.

Anna1979 Thu 15-Jan-09 12:16:42

Hello, I go to narcotics anonymous, and it has saved my life and give me back a degree of sanity. I am now almost 8 months off alcohol and chemicals. I'd recommend the meetings (NA, AA etc)to anyone- It's worth a try if you are struggling and want to talk with other people who know what it feels like. I'm now 17 weeks pregnant and coping miles better than ever before. Still go to meetings though, they help me keep it together. Good luck and I hope it eases for you soon.

jaide Thu 15-Jan-09 18:54:26

i didnt really click with the health visitor as i felt she didnt live in the real world you feel better today?

naswm Tue 20-Jan-09 19:34:39

I came down with a nasty viral thing ( and now ds2 has it) so I ahvent been around, sorry.

how is everyone doing?

I, of course, am not doing well IYKIWM, but I am my own worse judge...

Safety1 Sat 18-Jun-11 23:39:41

Message deleted

Safety1 Sat 18-Jun-11 23:41:25

Message deleted

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