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Play ground fighting...other mum's reation really winding me up!

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bijou Thu 31-Mar-05 14:27:04

Hello, I'm new to mumsnet and hope sbdy might have some advice as this prob is really winding me up.

I went to playground yesterday with DS (4 years) my good friend (GF)and her 5 year old boy.
We were chatting with other mums when I heard my son screaming and saw GF son visously hitting my sons head against metal slide. I rushed over and separated them telling them both to Stop, but was soon followed GF who shouted at MY son, gave ME a huge evil and rushed away with her son.

DS doesnt communicate well, and didn't give me "the story" (no one else at park had seen how it had all started) but her son told her it was all my boys fault as he'd thrown sand at him.

Apparently he has never had a fight b4 so all was clearly my son's fault. DS has never "faught" either, but I said nothing as didnt want to get into an argument with her as we were all shaken.

We stayed at park for a small while longer and tried to make things up, but all is very frosty. (our sons soon bounced back!)

I'm angry, but this is my DS good friend so I have to get on with his mum, and have well up until now...What shall I do?

bathmummy Thu 31-Mar-05 14:40:53

How long have you known her? If you know her really well and don’t want this to come between you I would give her a chance (we all have bad days and can over react at times) and make the first move. If it were a good friend of mine and a one off out of the blue thing, I would ring her up and invite them over for lunch saying something like "I know that the park trip went a bit haywire and would like the boys to have another opportunity to get along as friends again.." and take it from there.
If you don’t really know her that well and only through her son, I would be tempted to wait until back at school and see her in the playground, read her body language and approach and play it by ear. I hate those female friendships that are so stressful and on the edge all the time and so try to avoid people who are really confrontational or easily upset as I don’t need it.

stitch Thu 31-Mar-05 14:56:48

if her son conitnues to beat up your son like that, then they wont stay good friend s for long.
let the kids be friendly, you to dont need to be best chums. just civil to each other

bijou Thu 31-Mar-05 15:28:00

Thankyou both for the advice, it's good to hear things from the outside.

I havent known her long as I'm new in town, but she's a nice lady and would like to stay friends...Think I'll invite them over as you said Bathmummy (but in a few days!), and hope things go well from there. Plus will keep a close watch and step staight in if more fighting.

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