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Feeling delicate...any advice

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abbierhodes Sun 21-Dec-08 23:54:39

I don't know what's up with me lately. I used to be quite a 'mountain out of a molehill' drama queen type person, but I've been much more positive for years now, and am generally an optimist.
Lately though, I'm feeling very delicate.
Some examples: I was reduced to tears by a friend at work the other day over something trivial. She was having a go at me (somewhat justifiably), and she apologised afterwards, but I still cried again later when telling my mom about it.
I'm feeling really down about my weight, to the point where I want all photos removed from facebook.
I have an ongoing joke with my aunt, she says I'm so laid back I should fall over. This has always been affectionate, she compares me to her own son, but this week I feel I can't be around her as she makes me feel useless.
Honestly, I feel so 'unbalanced' I thought I might be pregnant, but I'm definitely not.
Any ideas on what this is all about would be welcome!

SmilePlease Mon 22-Dec-08 00:12:07

Depression i'd assume. Financial crisis and all of that, everyone is going a little crazy recently and not being themselves.

Is there something playing on your mind that you can't stop thinking about? Talk to someone if yes, this way you can share the problem and won't feel so 'unbalanced' by keeping it to yourself.

abbierhodes Mon 22-Dec-08 00:28:11

Not one thing in particular, just a general feeling of anxiety.
I don't really have anything to be depressed about... I'm lucky. My problems are quite minor.

bubbles4 Mon 22-Dec-08 00:52:52

I might be wrong but I thought thats what depression was,anxiety with no root cause,sorry to hear your feeling like this,could you have a chat with your gp maybe?

abbierhodes Mon 22-Dec-08 01:04:07

I don't know if it's serious enough for that yet bubbles. I don't know much about depression either. Most people I know who suffer with depression have genuine problems to contend with,whcih seem to trigger it.
I work full time in quite a stressful job, and have two children under 4. They have been ill lately. Nothing life threatening, but it's been tiring, and stressful with missing time off work etc.
And I recently missed out on a promotion, which got me down a bit, and has shaken my confidence at work. But I feel guilty posting on here, this is every day stuff, not really big hige problems like some people have to contend with.

bubbles4 Mon 22-Dec-08 01:07:41

but surely thats what mn is for,I have some big problems at the moment and have posted many threads about it,there has always been somebody here to help,you give and you receive,dont feel guilty if you need to rant.

abbierhodes Mon 22-Dec-08 01:10:33

Thanks! That's partly it though. My problems are not big. I have had big problems in the past, but I feel like life is pretty good at the moment, and I need to just 'get on with it'. I wonder if it's just overtiredness.

bubbles4 Mon 22-Dec-08 01:16:35

could be, its the time of year for that,perhaps you need some me tome and a chance to unwind,raising a family we often forget to look after number one.

abbierhodes Mon 22-Dec-08 01:27:46

Thanks for listening bubbles. I've spotted another thread which seems to reflect how I'm feeling a bit further down, the title is 'What's wrong with me, life is great'or something. But I'll look more closely at it tomorrow, I think I need sleep now!

bubbles4 Mon 22-Dec-08 01:29:08

Good night,sleep well,hope you feel a bit more positive tomorrow.

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