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I am really struggling to summon up any enthusiasm for anything.

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MrsSeanBean Fri 19-Dec-08 19:09:01

I am really struggling to summon up any enthusiasm this year. We are practically broke and it seems crazy to be buying people stuff they don't need presents for the sake of it. I have just had a major purge in the house and don't really want it filled with more crap presents. DS is 18 months and I guess he will enjoy it although maybe too young still?

Family and DP all getting on my nerves, can't face days of enforced jollity/ entertaining annoying aquaintances friends. I just want to hide away on my own with the Baileys until approx 2 Jan.

I am not normally like this. Am I depressed or what?

I posted this in chat and no bugger gave a damn / could be bothered even to answer. I feel very depressed and upset. I have no support at home whatsoever and sometimes I wish I didn't have to live. I am soo bored since giving up work and am vegetating at home every day. Some days I hate being a mum and have not slept properly for weeks. I don't know why I am even wating time on this stupid computer.

Well - sorry to waste everyone's time...

MissChief Fri 19-Dec-08 19:47:01

virtual hug, sorry you feel like that, can sympathise, felt rather bah humbug all day until whacked the radio up loud whilst baking this evening! I've given up the crap presents - people can have £5 presents as a token, that's enough, we're fairly broke too and seems stupid to become more so just to avoid causing offence.

Lack of sleep is a killer, can you get an early night, look at causes for not sleeping?
Sure you'll get more replies soon.

BlueBumedFly Fri 19-Dec-08 19:51:23

First and foremost, you are not wasting anyone's time. It is just probably a busy Friday with people finishing work for the festive season. I am sure this section is a better place to post.

I can sympathise, we are for all intents and purposes broke and I do loose the will to live walking around the shops year after year trying to find something for people who have everything already. So, last year my family and I agreed we would buy for kids only, once they hit 18 or 21 9not yet decided as the oldest is only 12) then we stop. So, only 12 kids to buy for then and my parents.....

Are you depressed? Well, perhaps yes. Have you had any history of PND? It can hit this late, especially with giving up work to become a SAHM. The lack of sleep would point that way too. I am not sure of course and I know there are plently of people on here who will feel like you do and come along soon as I have seen the threads before and there are people with great advice.

Have you seen your GP? When you say you have no support are you on your own with your DS?

I am really sorry you feel like this. All 'holidays' can be hard as people are made to feel like that should be having the time of their lives when in actual fact it is stressful, expensive and can be depressing.

I hate New Years, always have. Once Xmas Day is over and the kids hit their anti-climax for the whole affair I want to be back at work and school and back to normal too.


ninah Fri 19-Dec-08 19:52:48

um, hello, no useful advice really. I feel pretty crap too, it's seasonal. But don't feel ignored

WhatNextWhatNow Fri 19-Dec-08 20:51:24

I totally understand - see my threads of misery for comparison here

WhatNextWhatNow Fri 19-Dec-08 20:53:07

Being a SAHM mum is hard, it's isolating and your brain turns to shit mush which isn't very confidence inspiring.

If and when I find the answer I will let you know! Solutions shared are solutions doubled smile

Eve34 Fri 19-Dec-08 20:56:15

MSB - so sorry to hear you are feeling like this. I hate this time of year, always have. i think it is hyped up. I have always worked through Christmas since I can remember. Now I have DS I am home and have been trying to look forward to it, but it is just a complete hassle.

Rope others into the work of it all, drink bailey's and put your feel up. DC will be happy with the wrapping paper sp dot sweat it. x

MrsSeanBean Fri 19-Dec-08 21:59:13

I do wonder if I have PND. I find it a real struggle to get up and organised and keep some sort of routine going some days. I hate (I mean really hate) seeing people at the moment. I have said yes to my friend coming iver tomorrow night when I really don't want her to, but feel too guilty to say no. Sigh. Maybe I should put her off. I really don't feel good company at the moment. I don't want to offend her though as I cancelled once before when I felt ill...?

ninah Fri 19-Dec-08 22:00:21

See her. She's a friend. Will be good to catch up. Know how you feel though. But do it.

MrsSeanBean Fri 19-Dec-08 22:06:23

She is not that close a friend and is quite hard work to talk to at the best of times. Not the sort who I could really open up to or have a hug with I dunno why I invited her, just a soft touch probably.

matildax Fri 19-Dec-08 22:24:00

mrsseanbean, god do i know how you feel. if that is any consolation.
i think its the time of year. my parents and dp are driving me to tears. (my parents do all the time) i just feel so so low.
went shopping today, and just felt like screaming. so i do know how you feel. if i can be of any help to you, i will be. although perhaps its a case of the blind leading the blind as it were....

i do think that maybe you should talk to someone.
i see a psychologist twice a month, and even though i normally feel worse when i initially leave his office, i do feel better in the long run.

(today is a bad day)

sleep deprivation is awful, i sometimes find myself wondering aimlessly round the house at 3,4,5 in the morning. however i find, listening to mellow music and no caffeine or tv hepls me unwind.
tonight i have resorted to red wine, which i know is bad, but i wanted to feel 'chilled' iykwim?
i have no enthusiasm for christmas this year, and that makes me very sad because of the little ones, it all seems such a effort.
try to see your friends, even when you don't feel like it, because that is exactly when you will benefit from seeing them the most.
i don't always practice what i preach however, i just do not want anyone to feel like i do right now.
carry on posting, i am sure there are loads of lovely people on here that can be of help.
sending you hugs and loads of empathy.
tomorrow is another day.
xx xx xx

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