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Another moan from me!

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tammybear Sat 19-Mar-05 15:07:50

Just want to get this out of my system. Finally my bank statement that I wanted and had asked for 2 weeks ago has come! I can now go to the council and give it to them so they can sort out my housing/council benefit which I havent been getting for a month now just cos I started working so had to cancel my old claim and put in a new one. Im just hoping and will keep pestering them til they back date my money too!

Also Income Support have passed my details on to their debt collector people saying I still owe them the money. They havent acknowledged a letter that the CAB sent them saying that it would cause me financial problems and I had informed them of all my details. So now I gotta go CAB again. Was gonna go Monday, but now my heating or hot water arent working so someones suppose to come either Monday or Tuesday but not sure which day so Im gonna have to be stuck in til they decide to let me know when theyre coming.

Got bloody exp coming tomorrow to see dd, and I swear to God if he pisses me off at all tomorrow, I'll knock his bloody head off. Well in fact just the sight of him pisses me off! I also handed in my notice on Friday so I know there are gonna be lots of questions when I go into work on Monday.

Im gonna be short this month, extremely short. Im just hoping my parents can help me out. And speaking of them, their divorce has gone through, on my dads birthday of all days! Hes now back with his woman, and wouldnt surprise me if I end up with a new step mum soon. Also now that dd's medicene has gone that she was given by doctors for her cough, its come back even worse!

Im just hoping I can get to the council, hand in this statement, and hopefully hear from them by end of the week. Hope I can get my hot water/heating sorted out. Plus get to CAB to sort this bloody mess out. I feel like just handing over exp's details and tell them to bother him cos this was from when I was with exp so this is just as much his problem as mine! Grrr....

Lets hope I hear from this guy today and definetly get to go out with him this week! Thanks if you read this, but just wanted to let off some steam

vict17 Sat 19-Mar-05 15:25:27

didn't you go out with him last night after all? Oh no

tammybear Sat 19-Mar-05 15:27:24

no vict17, he had to cancel as they had to go to brighton at the last minute. hes going to call me today to set another date

milward Sat 19-Mar-05 20:43:07

Hope things work out - hope your new man calls. Best wishes xxx

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