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Have been up since 0500 and already saying 'must not kill' mantra...

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MrsBigD Thu 17-Mar-05 08:01:24

It's going to be a bad day I think. Just had to come to my PC and write something as otherwise I probably would have lost it.

Been up since 0500 and dd (3) is already in mega winge mode and driving me nuts over every little thing. ds is also a bit wingy but expect that of him, he's 7 months old and probably teething again. Just can't cope with it today. The last instance nearly sent me over the edge and I actually picked dd up and grumbled at her face that she's got no reason for winging/crying (she had thrown a toy deliberately behind the sofa and because I didn't rush there to get it for her she let rip). That's when I came here to type as I felt like a real ogre... you know the type... 'stop crying or I give you a reason to'.

I'm just so tired (physically) and generally tired of it all. I love my kids, BUT... sometimes... I just want to be on a deserted island. o.k. doesn't help that I constantly seem to be coming down with either a cold or sinus infection etc.

I thought I'd arrange for a last minute flight for dd and myself to Israel to visit my friend and for some sun and sea, but the flights would cost us £500+!!! plus someone to come in to look after ds (couldn't face flying out with 2 kids and it wouldn't be relaxation then anyhow) So that's a nono.

DH is working silly hours and having lots of office politics bs going on at work so even though he tries to help it's not much help at times iykwim.

Rant over I've calmed down enough now to face the 2 little monsters again.

Thanks for reading

ETsmum Thu 17-Mar-05 08:35:17

Can't write much as ds is craving attention. Just hugs to you, and feel free to rant away - know it does me the world of good Hope your day gets better.

MrsBigD Thu 17-Mar-05 09:39:18

Thanks ETsmum... at least dd just made me laugh... she loves a program on NickJr called 'Maggie and the Ferrocious Beast'... we've got a big box standing in the hallway from a delivery yesterday and she was standing there shouting in 'Hamilton, where are you?!' (Hamilton is the pig that lives in a box in that program)

She's lucky she can be so cute...

ssd Fri 18-Mar-05 12:01:19

MrsBigD, can you get a nap if your kids sleep during the day and at the same time?

That's what I try to do!

Gobbledigook Fri 18-Mar-05 12:03:34

Can you let dd out in the garden? Could even put ds out there in his buggy or highchair - quite warm here today and it definitely helps to get them outside.

Give her a paintbrush and some water and get her painting on the path or something!!

Maybe then you could get a brew and a sit down?

MrsBigD Fri 18-Mar-05 13:31:20

ssd - I wish dd hardly ever sleeps during the day and if she does then usually ds is wide awake

GdG - we've got a comunal garden so I have to be out there with her and run after her as there's easy access to the road, but I'll do this this afternoon after the food shop so dh can get some sleep as he's done 1/2 in the office, now heading back and then has to do a night shift...

At least today she's bearable... and... I can't believe it... she's eaten her lunch!!! The weather must be improving her mood too

Tommy Fri 18-Mar-05 13:40:02

You are not alone MrsBigD! I have nearly throttled my 3 year old several time already today....only 4 hours til bath time......

MrsBigD Fri 18-Mar-05 13:43:57

Oh Tommy I can so sympathise with the time thing... yesterday I looked at the clock to see how much longer I have to 'suffer' and it was only 1500!

milward Fri 18-Mar-05 13:51:54

Hope things go ok MrsBigD - some days I'm so tired with my dds. My dh works long hours & we have no family near by to help out. My dds aren't big sleepers & dd2 &dd3 can't go out usupervised in the garden. Sometimes tv is the only answer - just for 10 mins or so - I give them all a snack a put the tv on with a video they all like. Then make a cup of tea & do nothing in this time. Good luck

MrsBigD Fri 18-Mar-05 14:16:11

thanks milward... I love our TV and Barbie movies or Dora the Explorer, because at least then I get some time to sort out the rest as DD is mesmerized

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