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Here we go again

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MistressMary Wed 16-Mar-05 17:57:24

Sorry I feel like I can't go on.
I feel I'm doing this all on my own, feeling desperately lonely and the more I try to get out and am joining mums groups the more I feel lonely.
I joined another one today and the idea is good, Toddlers play in another room and with supervision from some kind ladies.
Giving the chance for mums to chat and have a cuppa in another room.
Anyhow our boy is not feeling that great, prolly teething.
So was with him most of the time anyhow.
But did get a chance for a quick cuppa.
Thre others were talking about HVs, anti depressants, PND and labour etc.
And also support from their OHs too.
Well with my OH being self employed the support is very thin on the ground, Which is not his fault, he is busy.
But also feel our relationship has lost it's intimacy too. No cuddles, kisses leave alone anything else. This has been like this for 6 months plus.
So I came away from the club very low, with a grouchy boy.
So again left to see to our boy, Which leaves me stressed.
Tomorrow I have got a Doctors appointment, so will tell him all of this. However I want to avoid Anti Ds.
Oh and on a good note at last My HV has my birth notes and hopefully I will get to talk with her and a midwife about my time.

Just needed to vent.

SPARKLER1 Wed 16-Mar-05 18:09:42

Hi MM - sorry not very good at offering the advice I'm afraid. Finding life is crap myself at the moment. Just wanted to bump this for you so you know you are being listened to. Someone will be along to help I'm sure. Take care x

Cod Wed 16-Mar-05 18:10:27

Message withdrawn

MistressMary Wed 16-Mar-05 18:38:14

Oh Cod I totally forgot about that.
My memeory is crap too.

MistressMary Thu 17-Mar-05 08:30:46

Update the Doctors gone off sick!
I have to make another appointment.
Ha! It was three weeks ago I made this appointment for today for the first possible time to see him.
So here we go again, again! Flaming typical.

MistressMary Thu 17-Mar-05 11:37:16

Wow thanks for all your support!

Lonelymum Thu 17-Mar-05 11:43:26

Sorry you feel so down. What can I say? I loathe mother and toddler groups and I loathe being lonely. Is there anything you can do for yourself? I am taking a bit of pleasure out of reading at the moment: I have read three books in the last month or so which is a lot for me. It doesn't address the loneliness of course, in fact it just hides it, but it gets me through the day and hopefully tomorrow will be better (that is what I think to myself!)

Cod Thu 17-Mar-05 12:57:51

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Thu 17-Mar-05 15:06:57

sorry you are having a rough time. my way of coping with M & T groups is to have v. low expectations of em - i.e chance of me making a bosom buddy there is about same as meeting a life partner at the pub, so just take it as it comes. could you try something like baby massage/baby swimming instead, something more activity driven?

do you get any chance to get out by yourself? one thing I have done is join a book group, and really enjoy a chance to do something different and non-baby related once a month. would that be your sort of thing?

would your HV be any good at chatting things through with you if you can't get to see nice doc for a week or two?

MistressMary Thu 17-Mar-05 18:24:05

My HV comes out to me anyhow fortnightly.

I am going to do a course, just wait for the new guide to come out then I'm enrolling.
I may visit my homeopath regarding my low mood, usually go for my son, but will give her a ring.
I shall continue with the mums groups as it just gets me out the four walls.
Sorry I drone on, I am determined to fight this. My moods are very swingy, when I'm good I'm very good. When one thing goes wrong then the world is against me kinda rubbish. Totally irrational and stupid.My partner can talk sense into me,just wish I could remember it before I go off on one.
Wish he could undestand a bit more all the same though, he doesn't understand womens emotions, neither do I come to think of it!
And an apology for my quick outburst,just self pity rubbish.

sacha3taylor Thu 17-Mar-05 18:42:57

MistressMary, would it help if we arranged another meet up at a time and date convienient to you? I'm sorry that you are feeling so down I know everyone has made loads of suggestions already but if ds is old enough, I go to a soft playroom in the sports centre. It is not a m&t group as you suppervise but my dd & ds love it. I'm sure some other mums would come and it might cheer you up a little bit

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