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Feeling seriously down - sorry to be depressing

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SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:39:09

Have posted a few things on this section. Not feeling my best for ages now. Am on ADs anyway as have had PND amongst other things. Been out tonight for a 40th birthday. DDs went to grandparents for a sleep over. Had a phone call from dm to ask me to pick dds up as she had to call out an ambulance for step dad. He has been unwell for years now but was in hospital, yet again, before xmas and we nearly lost him. Doctor gave him six months before he had another really bad turn and may not get better. Dm said to ambulance crew that if things were that bad she wanted him to be at home. Ambulance tried to contact dr but unable to. Said they would got hold of dr to visit him at home to make a decision as to whether admission to hospital would be best or for him to stay home with medication. Still waiting for contact now. I'm home with dds and dh now. Can't sleep as waiting for phone call.
Sorry this is really garbled. I have drunk too much tonight and am really upset. Sorry for bad typos.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:40:38

Have posted another thread about step dad before xmas - might make more sense as I was sober then. Sorry!

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:45:30

It's going to be a long night. Dh told me to go to bed with him - we had had a beautiful night together up until phone call. Much needed evening for the both of us without chidren. Dh even danced with me and that is most unusual. Isn't it bad? I should be tucked up in bed with him but I am here on MN looking for advice.

sallystrawberry Sun 13-Mar-05 00:47:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Niddlynono Sun 13-Mar-05 00:51:00

Sparkler, sorry to read your post and I'm sorry that I don't have any worthy advice.
I don't really know what to say other than I'm thinking of you and your family.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:54:19

No news yet.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:55:52

Sorry my message doesn't make sense does it? Had quite a bit of wine before I got the phone call. Am annoyed with myself now as if I hadn't had a drink I could have been available to drive for dm tonight when she needs me.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:58:33

I am going to try and get some sleep. Think it will help in the long run. Might get a call in the night and I need to be feeling good myself to help dm.
I'm sorry to post a miserable thread and make you listen to my whinges.

MisHap Sun 13-Mar-05 00:59:52


so sorry you're having a hard time.

sallystrawberry Sun 13-Mar-05 01:04:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 01:05:28

Thanks Sally, Bex and Mishap for listening to me. Just needed to get it off my chest. I must make myself go to bed otherwise I will open a bottle of wine and drown my sorrows. Don't want to start getting like that.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 01:06:35

I was only saying the other day about how many sad threads have been posted on here recently and here I am....

Socci Sun 13-Mar-05 01:11:02

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Sun 13-Mar-05 01:11:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ghosty Sun 13-Mar-05 01:22:05

Hugs, Sparkler ...
Go and get some sleep .... {{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 08:20:59

DDs had me up at 7am. Didn't get any phone calls last night so that's a good thing I guess. Want to phone dm to see how things are but she might be asleep after a long night waiting for the gp to turn up. Just have to be patient and wait a bit longer.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 08:21:29

PS Sorry about my burble on here last night. I was a bit drunk {blush].

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 08:44:09

I am trying to find the thread that I posted before christmas about step-dad but can't find it.

WigWamBam Sun 13-Mar-05 08:51:58

Is it this one?

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 08:54:21

Thanks WWB, that's the one.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Mar-05 09:41:51

Just phoned dm. GP came out at 1.30am. Hours after ambulance had left. They have put him on steroids and recommended that he uses some stuff to steam inhale - not sure what it is. Dm also found out that they should be getting help every other day with a high dependancy nurse visiting at home which they never knew about before. She's going to phone and arrange that tomorrow. Step dad is tired today and going to rest as much as possible.

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