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Cipralex - do I , don't I?

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OhBloodyHellWhatNow Mon 03-Nov-08 16:47:05

Okay, please help me on this. Have name changed and everything. Facts are:

Have new baby and two DCs under 5
Just moved to a new country, left work and become a sahm after 20 years in a stressful career.
Been here two months and have made some friends but not like I have at home and I really miss my best friend, who is also having problems and I feel terrible I'm not there for her. Don't want to tell people how I feel, even DH, as it feels like a weakness.
Did the Edinburgh pnd questionnaire and scored 24 out of 30, relaised that my base line is prob at 12 or 13 most of the time anyway.
Currently sometimes feel I can't put one foot infront of the other and keep crying.

Anyway, went to docs and burst into tears and got cipralex. BUT I have a thing about taking medication and admitting "defeat". Question is, do i take it, will it make me feel better and therefore the potential side effect will be worth it or should I wait a bit longer to see if it gets better. Have felt this bad for about two or three weeks now. Oh, and am just a great big fat lard bucket and I swear my kids don't really love me and wouldn't miss me if I wans't around (I also know that's not normal way to think..see, I can rationalise but I don't FEEL right).

OhBloodyHellWhatNow Tue 04-Nov-08 07:16:01

Anybody? Cipralex is citalopram.

FiveDollarShake Tue 04-Nov-08 07:35:00

Hi I really sympathise with how you're feeling...iwas diagnosed with PND recently and have been taking antidepressants for just over 2 weeks now. I went to my GP's and asked for them as I wanted to nip my depression in the bud before it got too bad...I have a baby and toddler to care for with no family support. I also live in a different country to my family and friends and have been incredibly homesick too. I couldnt risk breaking down completely before asking for help IYKWIM?
My advice is to take the meds. They'll take a few weeks to kick in anyway. You are not admitting 'defeat'. You are being a strong and caring mother to admit that you dont feel well, thats the hardest part.

Riallybigbangandflash Tue 04-Nov-08 11:26:47

I took citalopram too. I would advise to take them. There is no shame in asking for help[. IMO better to do this than struggle along with all the other stresses.
Take care of yourself and good luck.

Riallybigbangandflash Tue 04-Nov-08 11:30:57

the only side effects I realy suffered were sweating I think. It may make you feel worse for a few days before you start to feel better though.
Try talking to your DH, he may not be finding your move all that easy either. My DH has been a massive support to me throughout several bouts of depression (PND and otherwise)
I'm sure your friend at home will be grateful if you're there as a shoulder to cry on via email or whatever too.
Lastly, your kids love you and they would notice if you weren't around.
Take it easy on yourself, give the meds time to work and it will get better. Hang in there.x

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