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feeling crap

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notgood2day Thu 10-Mar-05 05:07:06

why is it that something so stupid can make u feel the worst. i felt good most of yesterday but when dp came home he went straight to comp. i had to shout him for his dinner a few times when he came through nothin just watched tv he moaned at what i was watching as usual but he always does nothing serious there. after dinner i thought we could sit and talk for a bit have some quality time together but when i came through from the toilet he was at the computer again. he doesnt even look at things worthwile just looks up random crap. so i thought id make him a cup of tea so he had to come through but he didnt he just sat there and when i went through so i could see him he wast said he didnt like people looking over his shoulder so i went back through hurt. when he did come through he looked teletext saw his coupon was up and i said cool we can get some baby stuff and he said it was going in the bank for council tax. thats fair enough its not like its my money but it would be nice if he wanted to spend it on the baby. weve been very lucky we havent needed to buy anything my family have given us it all. baby due in a few weeks and still need to get a few things i can buy them but it would be nice if he wanted to help i know its stupid and petty. then when we went to bed he lay on his back and i didnt even get a cuddle and when i turned round he said so that u given up on me then. i told him i thought he was wanting to sleep and that was it. i lay and cried all night and hes just gone to work and he normally gives me a kiss before he goes but nothing.

sorry dont mean to moan feel free to ignore i just dont know what ive done wrong

Amanda3266 Thu 10-Mar-05 08:03:26

I don't think you've done anything wrong. My dh can be very computer orientated too and I've also had the dinner going cold while he "finishes what I'm doing". It's improved since the computer went upstairs.
Will he sit and talk to you about this and perhaps set some ground rules regarding time on the computer - he won't have as much time when the baby comes but sometimes before the birth it's hard for men to realise just what a timeconsuming bundle a baby can be. Is it your first baby with him? If it is he might be feeling nervous - my dh was very nervous and was of the opinion that he would be "a really crap father". It took the arrival of the baby to make him realise that he was okay and a good Dad.
I think you need to sit him down for a chat - perhaps set a time with him for this and unplug the computer!

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