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Friend of 28 has died

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SPARKLER1 Thu 10-Mar-05 00:33:40

Just come home from a night out and dh had a message for me to say a friend of mine has died at the weekend. She has been struggling with lung cancer for ages now and been through operations and chemo for it. It had spread to her bones. Apparently she was alone when she died as her dh was at work and son was with relatives. She was 28. I met her at ante-natal classes with dd1 and she has a ds of 5 who she has left behind. I feel so numb. I can't believe life can be so cruel to someone so young. Her poor little boy and poor dh (they have only been married a few months)

anorak Thu 10-Mar-05 00:37:44

Sorry to hear that sparkler. Life is cruel sometimes. I have lost many loved ones, some far too young.

You will not forget your friend, nor would you want to. No one can take away your memories, they are one of the most precious things a person can have.

I am sad to hear she died alone. I hope she was asleep perhaps, and wasn't actually aware at the time. Perhaps it was peaceful for her. We have to hope so. xxx

KristinaM Thu 10-Mar-05 00:38:10

I dont know what to sorry

anorak Thu 10-Mar-05 00:38:59

I'm glad she was happily married when she died. That is so much better than never having known that special feeling.

Socci Thu 10-Mar-05 00:53:55

Message withdrawn

essbee Thu 10-Mar-05 01:03:16

Message withdrawn

trinityrocks Thu 10-Mar-05 08:00:43


Keane Thu 10-Mar-05 08:04:22

sorry to hear that sparkler echo anorak that at least she was happy despite her life being cut short.

I lost my friend to cancer when she was 23 and my sister died when she was 21, so i know how horribly cruel life can be to the young

Amanda3266 Thu 10-Mar-05 08:07:28

Lung cancer at 28!!!!!! That's dreadful - what a young age.
Was she a smoker just out of interest? Not that it makes a difference really - even if she was 28 is still dreadfully young.
Thinking of her family
Thinking of you as well xx

JaysMum Thu 10-Mar-05 08:27:50

Thinking of you.

LGJ Thu 10-Mar-05 08:30:56


It happened to me, she was 19, in a dreadful car accident with three others, we had grown up together.

It will never go away, but it will get easier.

Much love


spook Thu 10-Mar-05 16:48:31

SPARKLER1. Your friend is on the front page of the Newcastle Chronicle tonight. She looked gorgeous. I can't tell you how sorry I am. The feeling of unfairness when someone goes before their time is overwhelming. Lots of love XXX

northerner Thu 10-Mar-05 16:50:59

Sparkler this new is so so sad. What ever I type doesn't sound right. So sorry

helsi Thu 10-Mar-05 16:53:44

I am so sorry about your friend. I can't imagine how you and also her family will be feeling. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

cat82 Thu 10-Mar-05 17:09:31

I'm so sorry Sparkler.
Thinking of you and her family xxxxxx

psychomum5 Thu 10-Mar-05 17:13:54

sending my thoughts and many hugs..xxxxxxxxxxxx

How very sad for all those close to her, especially for her son.

amynnixmum Thu 10-Mar-05 17:16:45

Oh Sparkler
{{{big hugs}}}
How are you today (apart from the sore head of course)

blueteddy Thu 10-Mar-05 17:18:10

Really sorry to hear this sparkler.

SPARKLER1 Thu 10-Mar-05 17:20:19

Spook - I would love to be able to see that article on the newspapr. I am a friend of hers from Bournemouth so unfortunately can't get the paper. Would it be possible to scan it or something for me to see? Not sure if I am going to get to the funeral on Monday though. Would love to go to say goodbye - but it's one heck of a trek to NUT and awkward to sort dds out.

sparklymieow Thu 10-Mar-05 17:22:25

Sparker1 I found the link here for you

SPARKLER1 Thu 10-Mar-05 17:26:37

I have been texting her on and off for a while to ask how she was. I told her that I wanted to phone her up for a chat and said to her to let me know when I good time would be as I didn't now if she was up to it. She text me back saying that any evening would be fine. Only a few days ago I though I really must phone her and I didn't. I so wish I had.

jampots Thu 10-Mar-05 17:31:21

sorry to hear your sad news Sparkly She does look gorgeous.

My friend was murdered at 17 (hanged by a photographer) and it truly shook me to the core - the disbelief that someone could die so young is overwhelming.

Merlin Thu 10-Mar-05 17:34:09

Oh Sparkler - so sorry to hear that. Don't feel bad about not ringing her. I guess some small consolation is she is now at peace and not suffering anymore. My thoughts though for her partner and son - how very sad. And you of course - take care.

SPARKLER1 Thu 10-Mar-05 17:48:49

I know I keep looking at dd1 (5) and thinking how she would be if it had happened to me. Poor little Ben.

whymummy Thu 10-Mar-05 17:58:08

so sorry about your friend sparkler

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