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Do I need help or just a kick up the backside?

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chelseamorning Tue 28-Oct-08 22:24:04

I'll try to keep this brief, otherwise I'll be here for days.

- I'm 42. DS is now 2 yrs old.
- BF until he was 17 months.
- Had regular/normal periods 3 months after he was born as he slept through the night.
- Since giving up the BF, have very erratic periods, sometimes 3 months apart.
- Have really awful mood swings sometimes.
- Am I pre-menopausal or just hormonally unstable?!
- I'm self-employed but have put work 'on hold' for a few years to look after my absolutely gorgeous DS full-time. My decision as I only plan to have one child and so want to enjoy every minute of him. However I occasionally miss my 'previous life'.
- I bite my DP's head off sometimes for no reason.
- I hate my body and the way I look. I look like a sack when I try on clothes in shops. I'm jealous of those Yummy Mummys.
- I miss 'me time'. I spend all my time thinking of others.
- I feel I'm a 'waste' on the household resources because I'm not contributing financially to it. I miss the freedom of having my own money and therefore having an equal say in decisions.
- I have friends who are working at least part-time and so feel a tad jealous occasionally that they have some of their previous life back.
- I find it hard to concentrate. I make lists but often forget to pick them up before I go out.
- I miss spending 'couple' time with my DP. Can't remember exactly the time we last made love. It's so far down on my priorities.
- Also can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep.

So, would you give me a kick up the backside?

Waltzywotzy Tue 28-Oct-08 22:36:38

I think you need a goodnights sleep and are still adjusting to your new life as a parent. You sound like you are doing fine, quite normal.

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