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To All Those Needing To Post Here....

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Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 21:29:31

there is a company called HOMESTART, which i know has been mentioned here before by myself and others
however, the amount of extremely sad threads on here have been rising lately and with tragic consequences and i would just like to give you a link to them in the hope that anyone who reads it, will give them a ring and get some help!as motherhood and even just life can be a struggle, and you dont need to go through it on your own.

i have my own homestart helper coming round every week, but i think they can come round more regular and although mine is just for a 'mother figure' and to listen to me, they can do so much more for those of you who are really struggling.

please please call them, im sure they can help and you can start getting yourselves together and begin to enjoy life more.
i really really hope this helps

gunna post this and put link seperatly.

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 21:32:23

homestart page

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 21:32:56

or if you cant get that, their phone number is 0800 0 68 63 68

SeaShells Mon 07-Mar-05 21:38:42

Thanks evesmama, that's really thoughtful
Think I'll look into that tomorrow. x

mummytosteven Mon 07-Mar-05 21:39:51

homestart don't cover absolutely every area of the country atm, but if you are a bit out of area then an HV/GP can still refer you.

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 21:57:31

i know, ive been told they dont cover everywhere, but hopefully will be able to guide people and help them find the help they need as often making that first step is the most important one and they are lovely compationite(sp) people.
good luck everyone

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 21:59:06

good seashells
i hope they are what you need, they do everything from just being a shoulder to cry on, to cleaning up or looking after kids while you have a soak!something we never get time for anymore do we

Evesmama Tue 08-Mar-05 08:19:01

bumping this link for anyone needing it this morning

Evesmama Wed 09-Mar-05 08:52:01

bumping again
if it helps one person ill be happy

Evesmama Wed 09-Mar-05 09:01:29

if your reading this would you be so kind as to bump it or post something so other people who might need it get to see it.thanks

Enid Wed 09-Mar-05 09:02:29

very good advice Evesmama, happy to bump

Evesmama Wed 09-Mar-05 09:03:10

very kindthanks Enid

redsky Wed 09-Mar-05 09:30:05


Enid Wed 09-Mar-05 09:37:59

In fact, I have just donated the equivalent of my subs to HomeStart. It looks like an extremely helpful organisation. I'd probably even volunteer if there was one near me!

tiredemma Wed 09-Mar-05 09:39:15

ill bump it!! im a homestart volunteer and agree that some ladies on here would probably get a lot of help out of having a volunteer pop around.
you can self refer yourself but you HV would also refer you aswell.

keep bumping

Evesmama Wed 09-Mar-05 09:40:16

thankyou so much

Kelly1978 Wed 09-Mar-05 09:40:27

I had a homestart volunteer after leaving my exp due to domestic abuse. They are a great organisation, I can't recommend them highly enough!

Marina Wed 09-Mar-05 09:45:06

Smashing idea Evesmama, thanks very much for the thread and the link

Evesmama Wed 09-Mar-05 09:51:34

just glad its got people looking at it now! was worried as there seems so many of us needing help and dont know where to start!, thought this might be a step in the right direction

huggybear Wed 09-Mar-05 10:01:50


Evesmama Wed 09-Mar-05 10:07:03

thanks everyone, keep it going
im taking dd swimming, so wont be on till tonight

thanks again

OldieMum Wed 09-Mar-05 10:14:36


tiredemma Wed 09-Mar-05 10:46:04


Cooperoo Wed 09-Mar-05 11:17:26

They are fab. We even have volunteers on the RAF base out here in Cyprus.
Happy to bump! Do call them!

mummytosteven Wed 09-Mar-05 11:37:46

bumpity bump!

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