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I feel so weary

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Titania Mon 07-Mar-05 21:21:34

just got back from shopping. it was the last thing i needed to be doing but it was a case of having to. I feel totally drained mentally and physically. My head is starting to hurt again. I am sat here in tears....I can't physically do anymore even if i wanted to. There is still so much that needs doing but i really cant even lift myself up enough to even go up the stairs.....WTF is wrong with me??? I feel so damned useless and crap.

Xena Mon 07-Mar-05 21:23:22

oh Titania I'm never good with words so I will be thinking of youxxxx

mummytosteven Mon 07-Mar-05 21:23:27

T. I seriously think you do too much. Honest. You are allowed to sit down, put your feet up, go to bed. Migraines are very sapping, you need to rest.

thedogmother Mon 07-Mar-05 21:24:30

Rest, as much as you can.

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Mar-05 21:24:42

WHatever it is CAN wait, you need to rest. You are NOT useless, you're normal. Take it easy and don't be so hard on yourself, none of us are superwoman.

mummytosteven Mon 07-Mar-05 21:25:29

no, not even normal, WK. T does loads of housework and has an immaculate place. ten times as much as I do round the house.

Titania Mon 07-Mar-05 21:25:45

i have got to iron the bed linen and put it back on the bed before i can even go to bed.....i have just got so behind today that i havent got round to doing it yet.....

mummytosteven Mon 07-Mar-05 21:26:58

DH should be doing that for you if you really feel you can't collapse into bed without the linen being ironing.

Xena Mon 07-Mar-05 21:27:38

Please Titania don't iron it. You are making me at the thought of our (clean) but v screwed up bed clothes

pixiefish Mon 07-Mar-05 21:27:47

rest, have a drink of horlicks or something relaxing- hot chocolate etc and put your feet up

wobblyknicks Mon 07-Mar-05 21:28:23

Let me share something with you - when dd was tiny there was more than once I slept in bed with nothing on it at all because I was just too knackered to bother. Your house does not need to be perfect, or even normal. Just do what desperately needs it and bugger the rest, get DH to shift his arse.

pixiefish Mon 07-Mar-05 21:28:36

leave the ironing honey. warm comfy drink of horlicks

SeaShells Mon 07-Mar-05 21:31:49

Titania you are a brilliant person! You do soooo much! Take some time for you, f**k ironing the sheets, the other week I have to admit it got late and I just could not be bothered to get the sheets out of the drier and sort the bed out, so instead me and DP slept in sleeping bags! Take care Titania xx

Titania Mon 07-Mar-05 21:52:19

i have just done the sheets and put them on the bed.....crying as i did it....the duvet cover is all speckled now

ionesmum Mon 07-Mar-05 21:57:35

Titania Sweetheart, you need a rest. I'm sorry I don't know if you have dds or dss but they need you - not your sheets. You're not useless. Give yourself a treat and put your feet up. And give yourself permission not to be superwoman for a while, but someone in need of a bit of TLC. Lots of luck, Hope you get some sleep xxx

thedogmother Mon 07-Mar-05 21:57:36

Titania - just don't do the things that really don't need doing! Really, the sheets don't need to be ironed, OK they might look better but honestly, IT DOESN'T MATTER! just try to look after yourself as much as you can.

Titania Mon 07-Mar-05 22:05:24


moondog Mon 07-Mar-05 22:09:42

Oh Titania!!!
My poor love! Really, bugger the bedsheets next time (and I speak as a quite quite mad ironer-even do dishtowels. It's not good for us you know!)
Goodness, MN is a sad place to be tonight.

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 22:19:56

big cuddle and a reassuring hug from me titania

nutcracker Mon 07-Mar-05 22:21:26

Hiya mate, have posted a thread looking for you.

Am back online obviously, but have had to re install msn from scratch and can't remember your email address to speak to you iykwim. Mine is if you wanna add me to your contacts.

If you wanna chat you know where i am .

Titania Mon 07-Mar-05 22:28:46

thanks nutty. will do

i cant do this anymore....i dont want to be here......

MamaMaiasaura Mon 07-Mar-05 23:03:25

T. I cant remember if ds or dd's but regardless they wont look back on their childhood and wonder if the sheets were pressed.

You need to look after yourself and rest and enjoy them. Housework can keep, childhood doesnt.

You arent useless at all and I hope you are ok.

Thinking of you xxx

Blu Mon 07-Mar-05 23:06:57

hey titania! well done on getting so much done. I don't iron sheets!! Where are you now - tucked up and resting?

Titania Tue 08-Mar-05 09:40:42

sorry blu i went to bed. I crashed out and slept like a log and when 6.30 came i could barely open my eyes. it took me another half an hour to be bothered to get out of bed. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. I am still so unbelievably tired....really lethargic. My eyes still hurt a bit. I still feel really upset, sick and emotional for some reason

Beetroot Tue 08-Mar-05 09:44:05

Message withdrawn

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