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Best tips for getting out of depessive episode please ?

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fakeblonde Mon 20-Oct-08 11:08:37

Ok i`ve had a rough 6 months health wise,my husband gives me no support with anything remotely stressful,he`s never paid a bill or done 5 mins homework with 3 kids in the 20 years we`ve been together, so pretty much everything falls on me.
I work with lots of overtime and travelling and we have no family support.
We have lots of very lovely friends.
Last straw for me recently is my hair is falling out.
I can feel myself slipping into into a depression.
I can hardly remember the weekend.I did nothing but sort of answered like i was in a dream when spoken to. Thats it really.
Got to the stage where i want to just get in the car and go away and feel sorry for myself for a while.

I know i`m really down because dh is talking to me like i`m 6.

I snap at the kids which is not me and i cry most days.

I know my gp would give me `ad`s so thats an option and i know fresh air and exercise ect, but i just cant motivate myself to actually help myself iykwim.
Only i can do it-oh well feels better coming on here so that something.
Hope anyone reading is having a good day x

67Impala Mon 20-Oct-08 12:46:55

You are not alone! I just want to run away for a while as I feel that it's all getting on top of me.
I know that the thought of doing excercise sounds daunting but maybe a very short walk to start with may clear your head.

Thinking of you. xxx

sleepycatonabroomstick Mon 20-Oct-08 12:47:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunshine78 Mon 20-Oct-08 13:41:25

Start small and build up when I couldn't face leaving the house I used to exercise at home then when feeling a bit better ventured out. Dont give yourself a hard time just take each moment as it comes and when its all getting too much I lock myself in the toilet and take a few deep breathes.

fakeblonde Mon 20-Oct-08 14:25:36

Right its s short walk with the dog then !

I just dont want to carry on feeling like this-and worse than that i dont want to be one of those people that winges all th time.

My dh must be so fed up of my miserble face and the kids will have memories of similar.
I think i need fresh air instead of moping about the house.
I think everyone knows what they need its just finding the motivatiuon to do it ! x

BlaDeBla Mon 20-Oct-08 17:09:43

Sometimes a burst of music can help or just a change of routine. All these things only help me when I'm not gettting the physical symtoms. When I start getting those, it's back to the drugs because they seem to work.

I don't think anyone actually likes to take the chemical option unless they really have to, but then not many people would choose to put their leg in plaster just for fun either! I hope you feel better soonsmile

zippitippitoes Mon 20-Oct-08 17:12:11

you can ask your gp for a referral for help with depression i am starting a 6 week course tomorrow called managing depression

it is supposed to be about strategies and management not therapy or ads

of course i have no idea what it will be like yet

Wisp Mon 20-Oct-08 17:22:58

Sorry to hear you've had a rough time.
Small steps I found were best.
A 15 minute walk, or putting on music from the 80s and reminiscing about childhood.

Sometimes just a change of scenery really helps lift the spirits. Or getting some time just to yourself for a nice bath, and time to think/chill.
Don't rule out ADs as they can really help to shift you from that "place" and back to normality relatively quickly.

nooOOOoonki Mon 20-Oct-08 17:33:26

Poor you - I have been depressed before and it is horrible.

If you want my honest opinion it sounds to me a lot as if the reason you are depressed is down to your situation as opposed to being depressed because of an imbalance in your head.

You need to do little steps to change your situation:

You husband sounds like the root of the problem. I would consider ways inwhich you can get him to listen to you and understand that your health is being affected. (I know that this can be incredibly hard when you are out of the habit of speaking about real things together). Ask MN I bet they can come up with some ways to get him to listen.

I would talk to your children, explain that you are struggling and get them to come up with ways they can help you out.

Things that helped for me were St Johns wort - very effective for me (though stops the pill working), exercise, organising something to look forward to, and most importantly talking to people about feeling shit, friedns generally are very receptive to it, once youve spoken about it, even once it doesn't seem as bad.

Also try something like Reflexology or acupuncture or a ncie massage - so you have to have some time to relax.

thinking of you

Sunshine78 Mon 20-Oct-08 17:57:48

My dh started to take me seriously when he spoke to another bloke whos wife suffered and he realised wasn't the only looney about!

Also prioritise jobs and if you can get away with not doing something for a week or two dont. I kid my dh into thinking I've dusted by moving a few ornaments and knocking the odd picture so its crucked - works a treat and gives me a bit more time to relax wink

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