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Emetephobic debacle...

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minko Mon 20-Oct-08 09:06:17

DD is due to go on a school trip tomorrow and is very excited. Her best friend is off today with a vomiting virus she caught from her sister. Spoke to the mum this morning who is anxious for her to go on the trip so she doesn't miss out. (She also doesn't want to miss work).

However, I am seriously thinking about keeping DD at home if her daughter goes as I don't want DD to catch it.

What to do...?

corblimeymadam Mon 20-Oct-08 19:39:03

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam Mon 20-Oct-08 19:41:51

Message withdrawn

minko Mon 20-Oct-08 22:38:58

Many thanks. Panic over as DD's friend is still ill and not going on trip after all - phew! What a lot of wasted energy today...

Many thanks for your support BB. I actually visited the doctor last week and have been referred for CBT. Can't get too excited though as wait for assessment is 2-3 months and treatment another 6. I need it now - in time for the dreaded Noro!!

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