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Is it possible to have PND when your dc is nearly 2? Or am I just exhausted? Or is it all normal and I am just being a bit of a sad sack?

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Justthe3ofus Wed 15-Oct-08 15:49:37

It's just that most days I feel quite down, and yet I know that I have got a lot to be thankful for.

I work almost full-time, travel an hour each way with ds in tow, get home and do the cooking, put ds to bed and then do extra cleaning. DH helps out as much as he can but is pretty unaware of how much I do - even though I regularly cry at how tired I am.

I just ask the pnd question as I have a raging history of depression in my family and I was on ads for it about seven years ago. Maybe it can be mild?

I have also been sick for almost three weeks but can't take a break - how can you ever take a break when you are sick and a mum?

But then again maybe I am just exhausted, maybe I am just being a bit of a whinge-bag and this is all normal.

Has anyone out there found things improved when they got more sleep, had a holiday things like that?

Bit rambly, sorry about that.

unhappy Wed 15-Oct-08 16:08:38

Think it is possible I know my gp at the time suggested it when ds was nearly 4 - so is possible though you do just sound totally worn out - sleep solves problems IMO - hope you get some soon - big hugs smile

Justthe3ofus Wed 15-Oct-08 16:14:50

Thanks unhappy, I think the sleep thing is a big factor, my ds wakes up on average twice a night, has done since he was born.

TBH I just want it to be exhaustion, I want it to clear up when I get more sleep, and I don't want to go through depression again.

Basically I just want to be happy - but then who doesn't?

costagirl Wed 15-Oct-08 18:53:05

Good grief, I'm not surprised you're exhausted and weepy! Working nearly full time, having a 2 year old and running a home is a MASSIVE workload. Let alone the broken nights. I found even working 2/3 days a week tough going with a baby that woke up several times a night - don't be hard on yourself, you're only human!

What can you do to make your life a tiny bit easier - is dropping a day or two of work an option? Can you afford a cleaner for a couple of hours a week? Your DH needs to know how much you're dealing with, because otherwise it will make you ill. Not good for him or DS. Make it crystal clear - "if I carry on like this, x will happen..."

You poor thing, you are juggling many balls. Hope you can sort something.

Justthe3ofus Thu 16-Oct-08 09:32:38

Thanks costagirl - the sad thing is we do have a cleaner already, and I still do loads anyway! She comes once a week and does take the burden off a bit, but the general day to day stuff is still quite relentless.

Unfortunately dropping a day or two of work is not really an option at the moment, I have just started work again and have signed up for a full time job, but it might be something I can look into in six months time or so.

unhappy Thu 16-Oct-08 09:36:53

Thinking of you girl - good luck with it sounds like a horrendous workload - remember the tiredness its a killer x

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