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childbearing in such difficult circumstances!!!

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silverwater Thu 02-Oct-08 23:49:16

I have struggled over the years because when i became pregnant with my daughter i was still attending a day hospital as well as being unstabaly housed as well as well as a broken relationship but hey! I was still an intelligent, sensitive, moral and desperately hopeful human being! I think when you have nothing materially you HAVE to draw on a deeper strenght however cleched that sounds! Just because you are a woman not protected by the norms of a traditional relationship does that make you any less of a person? I was in a homeless hostel for the majority of my pregnancy but i fought for a part of me that did not get beaten down by the needles on the floor, the faeces smeared up the walls and goodness knows thoughts of throwing myself out of the window passed through my head! But i wanted better( but not in a kind of fuck-them-all- gardened way). I was a poet and i am still seven years on

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