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Linz2 Thu 02-Oct-08 09:30:45

My DS is almost 3 years old and I am 42 and have returned to work in the last couple of months and am now working in a call centre for a very large debit/credit card company.Prior to pregnancy worked in cust service 20 yrs and have experience of dealing with awkward customers which is not a problem if I know what I am doing! The 3 week training for new job was pretty shocking and for last 6 weeks have been thrown in to taking calls which has been very scary when not knowing what your talking about but this is getting better, basically at times when I need a little assistance the nature of the job is that there is not always somebody available to help ie colleagues on other calls or floorwalkers who are there to help (sometimes 1 or 2 at a push amongst a sea of staff)are dealing with somebody else and I am left floundering whilst keeping the cust on hold which I do not feel is good cust service. I am told by team leaders that I do have support but it not always available at the appropriate time. Sometimes I feel so helpless that I burst into tears which I am so embarressed about. I have over the years become a very anxious person and less confident in certain situations such as the new job or confronting issues with people including friends/family I spend a lot of time thinking/fretting about the situation before finally speaking up and burst in to tears in the meantime. For the last couple of months I have been taking Starflower oil tablets and HTP which to try and help mood swings and other issues, I have also recently started taking Valerian at night not to help me sleep but to help with the anxiety. I have become aware that the tearfulness starts just after ovulation up until my period which I have now discussed with the doctor could be PMS. I have had some bloodtests for thyroid/iron which are ok. Herbal options were discussed by doctor and I am now looking at taking Agnus Castus. Like everybody I am desperate to get a quick fix because I am coming close to walking out on the job which I do not want to do because it is so conventient, i work 3 nights a week 6 to 11 and live 5 mins away and the pay is approx £500 pcm for 15 hours a week which you dont give up lightly! My partner is very very supportive and does not want to see me so upset and says to give it up. I know if I can get my hormones sorted I will be ok. Any advice on what tablets herbal or medication would be the most effective for me.

Linz2 Thu 02-Oct-08 09:32:28

In addition to the above very long message I forgot to say along with the anxiety/tearfulness I can also get very irritable!

trishpops Thu 02-Oct-08 09:35:57

got no advice but hang in there someone will be along shortly i'm sure. hope you feel better soon xx

mrsgboring Thu 02-Oct-08 09:40:54

Linz I have no knowledge of herbal remedies, but I have worked in a shit job with little support. It sounds like you are taking on some of the blame for other people's inadequacies in this job. It is crap if there isn't enough help - this is not a little deal but a major thing to bring you down.

Don't discount the idea of leaving this job (many people leave call centres within hours of starting them, I've heard, because they aren't always good places ot work). It is bound to make you feel helpless if you feel like there is no escape. There is. You could resign at any moment, and if you do it will be *their fault* for not keeping a good member of staff.

Sorry I can't help with the hormonal thing - I'm sure others can.

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