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dirtyglass Fri 26-Sep-08 14:47:49

DH seems to have really extreme/odd moodswings. This morning he was informed that he may lose his job. I found him crying in the bedroom as if the world had ended saying we would loose the house, everything was ruined, our lives were over etc...An hour or so later he was jumping about saying how great life was, how lucky we were to be fit and healthy and didn't I ever look foward to seeing what the future had in store.

It was the same a few months ago, our holiday was cancelled and we lost £2000. He was sat on the sofa with his head in his hands saying how he was so depressed with nothing ever going right that he wondered what the point in anything was anymore and sometimes he thought he'd be better off out of it altogether an hour or so later he wanted to show me a spider in the garden and started going on about how wonderful the world was, how brilliant this spider was just running around care free and didn't I feel excited by just being alive to experience it all.

I know this probably sounds ridiculous and some may think I'm making it up but I am starting to worry, it seems to be getting more extreme.

electra Fri 26-Sep-08 18:42:36

It's not easy to diagnose. I have seen three psychiatrists and they still haven't decided whether I have this or not. The first psychiatrist thought bipolar, but since then they decided BPD fitted better. But then my usual psychiatrist saw me on a day when I seemed quite manic so that made him think again.

Whenever I have had a period of hypomania it seems to last at least a month. I have fast paced thoughts/talking, have at times experienced delusions but not on a daily basis, need very little sleep, have a lot of energy and cannot sit down (I realised at one point that I no longer watched television), very high sex drive, make bad decisions that cost me later among other things...

Thefearlessfreak Fri 26-Sep-08 18:45:10

from working in mental health - my experience is that the mood swings last for a longer period of time as electra said hers do. Perhaps he does have a mood disorder though.

Podrick Fri 26-Sep-08 18:49:16

Your dp is under huge pressure by the sounds of it. Bipolar mood swings do not tend to happen as fast as this though. Do you work too or is the whole financial responsibility on dh's shoulders?

Charlee Fri 26-Sep-08 18:52:07

I am/have Bipolar and i to experience really 'high' moods and 'lows' but sometimes to have 'normal' moods, the highs are hard to notive unless you know me well because they come strieght after a low and since my lows can be dangerously low a high just seems 'normal'.
Now how confusing was that! I have just come out of a high and am feeling relativley normal at the moment. I had some CBT which really helped me to know and understand my illness and cope with it.

If this is worrying you could you ask your DH to see his GP?

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