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can you lot help me again on here please....URGENTISH

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babyalfie Thu 25-Sep-08 17:38:19

well I will do an update...a few weeks ago I felt like ending my life or running away from the mess I am in. A lthough I am much better I am still depressed a little i know as I should do things that need doing and just cannot be bothered. You people on here helped me so much and I appreciated but I need you to help me again...

If you followed my last thread Iam pregnant with number 4. I have a daughter in her last year of a lvels going to uni next september, a daughter doing her gcses and wants to go nto nursing next year and then a 7 year old son.

I need you to read a bit about me to know how I feel. I am preganant to a guy I haver been with for 2 years and we have just spilt up as honestly no matter how I tried with his son I could not get on and ofeten took verbal abuse of swearing etc off a 10 year old. He would also bully my son somthing I thought we were battling with but I lost it a few weeks agao when he was playing at his grandmothers up by my house and my son had made some buns to sell and this boy rammed his bike into the stall.. that is it I flipped and ended it. I do care for the man and he is lovely honestly but I also find the man very lazy only just decided this perhaps before I have been too depressed to see it. My daughter has been very ill for the past 18 months in and out of hospital and she is getting a little better now so have been on anti depressents for a while and as you can see have been through alot.

THE PROBLEM IS THOUGH I AM 16 WEEKS PREGNANT and i have not told anybody other than my ex partner. I need to tell my daughters but know they will be discussed about it especially the older one who is so snoby. I also worry what neighbours and people will think. I know this sounds silly but i own my own house and live in a pretty affluent area.. I run my sons pta and I HAVE already got three children from two failed relationships and this will mean i will be having a four to a third man which I know is distgusting and honestly I never sleep around or go clubbing etc.. I am a very hand on parents and my children are my priority. I am very organised and I cannot justify a termination so far on as feel it would be killing a life.

If you have any tips etc as to what I can do or ow i can tell them please advice. I know they will hate it and not just saying that they will hate it... oh please help me

girliefriend Thu 25-Sep-08 20:04:15

oh bless, you sound like you are working yourself up into a bit of a stew! I am sure your older children will be fine and supportive if you are honest with them. Have you thought about having some counselling as having somebody impartial to talk to might help xXx

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