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contacting someone else's Community Mental Health team?

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becstarlitsea Thu 25-Sep-08 16:13:59

Can anyone advise me on how to find out contact details for someone else's community mental health team? Long story, have posted about it on MN before recently, will try to summarize... A very young (early teen) family member of mine has been getting calls from her Dad (who was related to me only by marriage, is now divorced, and I don't have any contact with him). He calls her up to 20 times a day on her mobile threatening suicide, including when she's at school. It's making her miserable. I had some really good advice from MNers when I posted about this before, including suggesting getting in touch with his community mental health team to tell them he's threatening suicide. But I have no idea how to find contact details. My only interest in this is to protect this young girl from the strain it's placing on her, and just to be able to tell her 'It's in the hands of professionals, this is their problem now, not yours.' I don't want to get involved with her Dad at all, I just want to take it off this lovely girl's plate. She's had enough to deal with already. Do any of you know how I would find out who the person to contact is? (I don't live anywhere near him so my local GP is unlikely to know, I guess?)

amazonianadventure Thu 25-Sep-08 20:17:42

I would just call his nearest cmht and they would hopefully be able to find out and pass on the message.
I doubt that you yourself would be able to be told as its data protection or something similar.

If all else fails police

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