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Hypnosis or counselling for a phobia: advice/ experiences?

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ShoppingGirl Wed 24-Sep-08 16:48:43

First time thread starter, hope I get the etiquette right!

I live in an old fashioned tenemement flat in Edinburgh and a month ago a mouse ran out from under the sofa while I was watching TV.

I have an extreme phobia of mice and I totally freaked out. DP had to drive me to my mums where I stayed for a week.

DP in meantime was laying traps (caught two) and basically plugging up the gaps in the flat where they can get in. This is an ongoing task as typical old flat with stripped boards etc. We're doing all we can.

Kind doctor gave me sleeping tabs (temazepam) but only small amount and says no more after this as they are addictive, which I understand and fully accept. I have only used them 3 times. Saving them for any future desperate moments!

I'd like to tackle my phobia at the source, so that I can learn to relax in my (otherwise)lovely home again. Has anybody here tried any kind of therapy, counselling or hypnosis for a phobia? I'd love to be one of those people who just laugh about stuff like this instead of sobbing, sweating and generally going into meltdown at the sight of what is basically a non threatening creature. My home has become a scary place to me now and I can't go on living with the fear. DP is generally sypathetic but is getting a bit eye rolley about it all as the days turn into weeks and I'm still panicking at the slightest noise or movement anywhere in the flat.

(ps we can't get a cat as we live in a top floor flat and are out during the day.)

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