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adrift Sun 27-Feb-05 10:55:27

I've been taking it since Wednesday for PND. I was expecting side effects, but on top of the PND they're horrible. Sleeplessness, slight shakiness, upset stomach, dry mouth, weakness (appetite has shrunk) and panicky periods which feel like they might be anxiety attacks. I will go to GP tomorrow, but that feels like next year. Anyone else had this? Will it pass? Is it worth it?

Merlin Sun 27-Feb-05 11:22:52

Adrift - sorry to hear you're suffering. Can't offer any advice really other than I have taken Lustral on 2 occasions without any side effects - which probably isn't what you want to hear is it??

Maybe just have a chat with your GP and see if they can put your mind at rest, or if the effects are really bad change to another AD. Good luck

stitch Tue 01-Mar-05 09:23:23

ive been takign lustral for more than a year now, havent had any effects like that. are you sure its the drug, or maybe its not a high enought dose?
hope it gets better soon

MummytoSteven Tue 01-Mar-05 09:25:46

are you feeling any better, adrift, what did the GP say?

Kelly1978 Tue 01-Mar-05 09:28:02

I had lustral and it didn't agree with me neither. I was sleepless, and had stomach troubles. I stopped it after a few weeks, as I found the side effects unbearable and my GP wasn't very sympathetic. Hopefully, yours will be more understanding.

mumbojumbo Tue 01-Mar-05 09:31:01

Hi adrift

I've been on Lustral for about 4 months and I did feel weird at first. I found that it took a few weeks to settle down and start feeling better. Worth a chat with your GP but hopefully you'll feel better soon.

adrift Tue 01-Mar-05 10:27:25

It got so bad on Sunday afternoon -- the anxiety/panic attacks were the worst symptom, really unspeakable -- that on the advice of the out-of-hours GP service, I didn't take another one. Apparently 1 in 100 people have a strong reaction like this to it. I am unlucky I guess .

Very frightened to take anything else now. Have a prescription for Dosulepin, a tricyclic AD. Haven't had it made up yet. Just feel very unsure of what to do (am very low again today).

SeaShells Tue 01-Mar-05 10:30:39

Hope this one works better for you adrift, it's like a lot of medication, it's trial and error really until you find one that works for you.

stitch Wed 02-Mar-05 18:10:18

adrift hope you feel better soon.
you could try taking st johns wort. is pricey though. also, for right now, try rescue remedy. its a bach flower remedy, spritz twice on your tongue and it should help youfeel calmer. i got mine fro boots, but i think you can get it most places.
good luck

adrift Wed 02-Mar-05 18:15:46

I took the first dose of dosulepin last night. So far, feeling OK, no weird effects, feeling more like myself. Slept better, appetite better.
I was due for a good day, I think. I'm aware it's not the meds that has helped today, just the pattern of the illness.
So, we'll see.
Stitch, GP warned me off SJW bcs she said it was relatively unregulated in comparison with licenced medicines. If this one doesn't help, I will certainly consider alternatives such as homeopathy.

stitch Wed 02-Mar-05 18:20:40

i just mentioned the sjw as you were not responding well to the prescription stuff. also, you cant take the two together. you have tohave been off the prescription stuff for about a monthish, before youstart the sjw according to the lady in my local health shop.
im glad youve had a good day. lets hope it is the first of many to come.
try the rescue remedy though. i think is wonderful when i am getting really stressed. dont know if its the placebo effect that makes it work or what. but i like it.

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