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Why has the panicky thing come back!

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costagirl Mon 22-Sep-08 11:35:43

Hello, had really bad PMT for years, Gp put me on Citalopram after first DS born in 2001, as was very weepy & anxious when I went back to work. After 18 months was much better & stopped the medication (with GP advice.) Still had bad bouts of PMT but generally ok in between. Had DS2 in 2006, ok for a while then PMT really bad, so another GP put me on Fluoxetine about 6 months ago. Have felt really really well, very happy. De-stressed by giving up work and being SAHM for a little while, loved it. Have been much nicer, happier, DH has really noticed the difference. UNTIL... bad bout of PMT last month (got very pissed off with DH and shouted a lot), and again this month, though more weepy this time. This PMT has lasted for over a week now, and has turned into horrible panicky feeling. WHY?!! Only working a few hours, (I enjoy it & we need the money), admittedly still have to sort out childcare etc, which is a hassle as no family nearby, but not the end of the world! Can't understand why the fluoxetin has suddenly stopped being effective and I feel horrible. Was only on a tiny dose, but that made me feel zonked so don't want to increase. Seeing GP on Wed. Worried she'll think I'm an idiot as I have nothing to feel panicky about! Love my life at the mo! Any thoughts?

noonki Mon 22-Sep-08 18:31:15

Poor you

I used to have terrible panic attacks - then went on a relaxation course that taught me how to relax -

that was nearly 12 years ago and I still use the technique ...I rarely suffer from it now, there are loads of tapes etc you can use

good luck x

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