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More hot chocolate and purple blankets for CvQ

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thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:20:14

As the last thread is nearly full up, am starting a new one for her continued support.

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 22-Sep-08 00:22:17

Lovely title

thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:24:42

- hope everyone finds it ok!

thingamajig Mon 22-Sep-08 00:25:54

Welcome to your fresh clean thread cvq, I hope it sees you on the up.

thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:32:04

have you found it? we can carry on here...

gigglewitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:32:27

good title!
<still lurking>

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 00:34:22

im here.

thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:35:04

excellent - so, how about the hymns then? what do you think?

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 00:39:49

i dont know aht she likedsad
she did like bridhge over troubled water but thats not a hymn is it

thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:47:44

doesn't matter - if you know she liked it then it is appropriate. Now, you can play it on youtube here and say your goodbyes while you light a candle.

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 00:54:16

oh thnkyousad
if i close my eyes i can se her singng it<sob>

thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 00:58:56

that's lovely - I know it's sad but it's a good memory to have. My sister has terrible trouble remembering what people looked/sounded like which makes her v.sad when they have passed away so if you can get a good picture of your nan in your mind that is great.

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 01:02:02

im gingto take that pictue to bed i think.thnayou so much that means a grat dealto me xx

thumbwitch Mon 22-Sep-08 01:10:52

you are so welcome! I will be out in the morning at Gymbabes but I hope that you manage to phone your Grandad's answerphone and leave a message - remember to write it down first so you keep what you want to say clear - and have your own little ceremony to say goodbye to your nan. I know she will be watching you as well - that's the great thing about being "in spirit" - you can be more than one place at once.
((((((((((((big squashy purply hugs)))))))))))) for you and j
sleep peacefully xx

bellavita Mon 22-Sep-08 07:45:01

Have found the new thread!

Morning CvQ - how is little j today? Did he have too much tea last night?

Will be thinking of you today (as I always do), have to pop out to get DS1 some Art paper for a project and then have got to go back to the dentist to have the proper crowns fitted (had temporary ones done two weeks ago).

Will be around so will keep an eye out for you.

Light your candle and put the music on that thumbwitch found for you - hope it brings some relief.

Much love xxxxxxxxxxx

mellyonion Mon 22-Sep-08 09:35:59

found you!

hey cvq....will be thinking of you especially hard this morning whilst your nans funeral is taking place....sad

do shout if you need some support won't you..i'll be on and off this morning...inbetween avoiding my housewifely chores. smile

hope little j is ok today...what a pudding eating too much! wink

sending you hugs ((((()))))

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 10:35:15

is anyone here please?

bellavita Mon 22-Sep-08 10:57:48

I am here now

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 11:00:29

sadim not doing very well
i dont want to be here on my own i want to be with nan

bellavita Mon 22-Sep-08 11:01:41

oh I really feel for you - do you want to go on msn I will listen to you?

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 11:02:14

yes plesde

mellyonion Mon 22-Sep-08 11:41:23

hey...i'm late i know, but i'm around... x

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 12:05:44

hi mellyonion.
ive had a good chat with bellavita.
am still feeling upset but feel ive got it more in control now.i just wish i had the chance to say goodbyesad

mellyonion Mon 22-Sep-08 12:14:36

hey. ((((()))))

sadly, there is nothing you can do to change that, but if you believe in the afterlife and stuff, then you can speak to your nan if you choose.... she may not answer, but having seen your threads from a week or so ago, it seems your nan may have already said her goodbye to you smile

however, if you don't believe, tell me to bugger off! wink

you can try to go some way to rebuilding things with your grandad....thats not too late...and even if things don't go as you hope they will, you can rest easy knowing that you tried...

my lovely have done nothing wrong in this whole are the victim guess is that your family can't handle their hurt for you, and can't understand your courage, which is why they have abandoned you for want of a better word....they are putting their own feelings over and above yours, which is wrong, but do all you can to always protect your children...maybe they feel they have failed you sweetheart, and they do not know how to right that.

maybe i've got it all wroong, but are still keeping on, and for that, you should be rightly proud....

you nad j make up your family strenth into that relationship, and only rely on you to make you happy.... anyone else makes it better, but you will do just great......i know.

more hugs for you my girl ((((())))) xxxxx

CvQ Mon 22-Sep-08 12:25:22

no mellyonion i do believe in spirits and have never experienced what i did last week.
as for my family theyve failed me in many ways.i know my mum feels guilty but thats as far as it goes tbh.
ive not managed to leave a message for grandad becasue i couldnt get myself together long enough.and as for thi letter i keep finding a reason not to sit down and actually do it.avoidance maybe.but i will i think its just going to take me some time.but i wont leave it too long.

yes j is my family although i would love to offer him more.i never thought i would bring a child up without the love and support of my family around mesad
but im doing my best.
thankyou for your hugs xx

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