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brain shivers

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giraffescantdancethetango Sat 20-Sep-08 13:04:01

Forgot my antidepressant (Venlafaxine) lastnight, I was in bed, had a glass of water on bedside table, had packet in my hand and I must have just fell fast asleep...slept right through my alarms this morning (when I have forgotten to take meds NOTHING will wake me up) and realised I never took it as I have really bad brain shivers - have had them before but this time they are going in to my arms as well. Just googled and its reported some people get it downwards in their body as well as in head. Which is interesting,

Have taken tab now obviously!!! (Have been on them 5 years, maybe more cant think now lol) So I know its important to take them bla bla, was just an accident last night. Have also had brain shivers when coming on to a lower dose (Have been on 225, then 150, now only 75) Im surprised 75 can still cause such bad brain shivers.

Anyway was wondering if anyone knew a way to help them until they pass? Im trying to keep still as moving head quickly seems to set them off. As does moving my eyes quickly, so am staring straight ahead at excuse to MN??!!

Seriously though would be interested to hear other peoples experiences of them as I think they are majorly under reported.

This website explains it quite well in basic terms if you want to know more -

pooter Sat 20-Sep-08 13:13:43

hey gcdtt, i get them too (on paroxetine) if i try to come off the tabs or forget to take them. Unfortunately i have no words of advice. Im coming off the paroxetine and going on to citalopram at the mo, and am sooo apprehensive about it, as the 'zaps' as i call them, are so horrible. It feels like every cell in my body shivers, and it can happen every 10 seconds or so.

I think the only thing we can do is to always take our meds, (although i did wonder if we could take half the dose in the morning and half in the evening so the chemicals which have a short half-life would always be present in our bodies, even if we forgot one of the two time??) and always take weaning off them very very slowly.

Its reassuring to hear that other people get it too, although im sorry you do!

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 20-Sep-08 13:37:05

Are you switching instantly? Like one day stopping X and next day starting Y?

When I was reducing the dose of my venlafaxine (effexor) I opened the capsules, tipped out a few beads (literally like 3) and closed it up and took it. Repeat on 3 less until feel fine (probably will) then reduce it for a few days to check feel ok...repeat slowly.

If not on capsules you could try sawing a bit of the tablet with a knife to reduce dose gradually.

Most antids just half (75 becomes 35.5 and theres NO way that would be ok)

Im starting to feel a bit better already thanks, just got up to the loo and only had very very mild ones.

pooter Sat 20-Sep-08 13:47:17

Well, the GP said just to switch instantly, even though i told her about the zaps and how horrible it was angry so i googled, as you do, and came away with so many varied pieces of advice as to be totally confused!

Your bead reducing idea is really good - but yes, mine are tablets. I have taken half my usual dose for the past 2 days - no ill effects so far. I wish i felt like my GP knew as much about it as i do - i dont really have any confidence in them, but the wait to see a psychiatrist is ridiculous.

Are you intending to reduce yours down to zero or just seeing how it goes?

fedupandisolated Sat 20-Sep-08 13:50:20

Hideous, hideous, hideous. Am on Venlafafaxine too and the withdrawal if you forget one is hideous.

Will check out the link.

giraffescantdancethetango Sat 20-Sep-08 15:09:30

Pooter, am staying put on 75 now. Have just split up with bf, moved flat and got a new job all in last 2 months. Am quite settled and happy now but feel its not the right time, Xmas is a very hard time for me so am going to stay on them over that period. I feel spring might be a good time to reduce and aim to be off by start of "summer" next year, with the reasoning that exercise really helps me and if its sunny not so rainy/cold then hopefully il be out and about more walking etc. But I did the bead thing to get to 75. Yes I mived GPs until I found one who understood. Have just moved GPs again last year as I moved area and have not had to ask her about anything antid related, she never even wants to see me! Just get it on repeat constantly, havent discussed my depression in over a year!!! I feel pretty ok though, and am happy at my ability to manage on this level.

Why is it your switching antids? Do the new ones work in the same way? I know certain kinds of anti ds your meant to have a break inbetween new ones due to serotonin syndrome. Are they reuptake inhibitors?

fedup it is awful isnt it. I took one as soon as I realised and am starting to feel a bit better now but suspect I wont be back to normal until tomorrow morning. What dose of ven are you on? Ive found it really works for me but the withdrawl is very very bad.

fedupandisolated Sat 20-Sep-08 17:27:58

Thank you so much for the link. It's so hard to explain the symptoms to a GP. One of whom told me "it's all in your mind" hmm

Now I can say "Brain shivers" and discuss the electric shock sensations.

I also turn into the bitch from hell if I go too long without taking it.

I'm on 75mg for now - and yes - you will feel much better later tonight or tomorrow. It has been a fantastic medication for anxiety but am dreading coming off it.

giraffescantdancethetango Sun 21-Sep-08 00:40:37

I really dreaded coming off it too, but hinestly the tipping the beads thing out works. I told my old GP and she thought it made perfect sence and said she was going to tell her collegues. Alot of GPs would probably disagree with it though, as it is a waste of an expensive drug, as you are literally tipping some down the drain. But way I see it is that its better to do that than be on it for years more cos you cant come off at all. I felt better by about half 6 ish so was able to go out and see some friends this evening which was good. Just about to go and take tab now lol...I WONT forget grin

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