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anyone had successful CBT / NLT ?????

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chana8 Fri 25-Feb-05 11:40:47

It would be great to here some success stories of previuos sufferers of depression. Im trying not to dwell to much on the things that make me over analyse and ruminate(Im having a very bad week due to a family crisis). I thought it may help me (and others) if there was a thread to talk to anyone whos done CBT(cognitive bahviour therapy) or any kind of neural linguistic therapy and feel so much better.

chana8 Fri 25-Feb-05 11:45:04

Think NLT is meant to read NLP, Neural linguistic programming.

maria1966 Fri 25-Feb-05 14:16:16

Hi i am on CBT therapy at the moment for anxiety and agrophobia.The therapist i have is very good even to the extent of calling early at my house to walk with me to my ds pre school.We are challenging negative thinking which i know i am guilty of and i have wriiten exercises to do to make me see where i am going wrong.
I find if you get a good therapist which i have who you can open up to it does make a difference to unload things you probably would'nt tell your family.I found myself admiting things to her i thiught i would never tell anyone and it's great to have them out in the open.Family members can
be unsure that this is helping or choose to ignore it all together so it helps me that someone else understands and does not feel what i am saying is silly.
I would say give it a go i tried anti depressants and they made me completly numb and i felt was just masking the problems that were still there.
This was an alternative the doctor recommended.
My dh says i have always had a tendency to over analyse but the therapist made me see when it takes over my life as with the agrophobia it becomes a problem.
What age is your child/children.My ds is 3 and a half my dd is 21 months.
My advice is to focus on this with your therapist and try not to listen to outside negativity from family or friends.It made me feel a bit more in control that someone was on my side and i was not going mad.
Let me know how you get on

chana8 Fri 25-Feb-05 19:57:27

Thanx maria,is it ok to ask further questions?; how many weeks have you done so far?? Have they given you goals,(informed you of what they will do for you inparticular ?) and set a time for how long the therapy will go on for??

Im trying to estabelish a better idea on what I should do going forward , as Ive spent quite a lot of money and family have helped a long financialy for it. Probably not the best as they now have more of a vested interest in what I do.

This will be my 3rd attempt at therapy over the last 3 years; Ive done normal pchycotherapy for a year and a half & hypnotherapy for the last 9 mths Ive put it on hold whilst attending relate with dh.

The 1st was unsuccessful, after reading a clinical depression website that explanined why, as the style used is totally inappropriate for depression and can exascerbate rumination, which is the common sypmtom of a person perceptable to depression.

The 2nd one I think had its benefits BUT I just get this niggling feeling something wasnt quite right with it , not sure. Intially I was diagnosed with acute anxiety and panic attacks and then it was changed to self esteem problems. May be the best thing that it did for me was remove my panic attacks to almost none, otherwise I may have still been housebound. So I suppose, come to think of it, Ive not been thankful about that aspect.

Frieda Fri 25-Feb-05 20:06:56

I think CBT has been proven to be very successful for treatment of anxiety/depression/phobias. I don't know much about NLP, but a friend of mine whose studied psycology was a bit sceptical about it – I don't think it's quite so mainstream as CBT.

maria1966 Sat 26-Feb-05 23:30:53

Hi again Chana,i have being doing the cbt therapy for about 3 months and was referred by my doctor so this is with the national health.Is their any chance you could recieve treatment on the national health?I think my goal with the therapist is to get me to change my negative thinking and h hopefully my agrophobia and anxiety will be lessened also my depression which creeps in from time to time.
I am not sure if we have a time scale as such i think we will just work together and sees how it
I would be really interested to know how you solved your going out problem.
Do you feel under pressure to cure more quickly due to your family invovlement?
Maybe if possible the national health idea would take some of that away for you so you could concentrate on yourself.
please feel free to ask me any other questions and would like to know how you are getting on.

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