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Compulsive Obsessive Disorder

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geraniums Thu 11-Sep-08 17:27:23

Has anyone been diagnosed with one?
I seem to have ignored symptoms for many years now and after having had another baby a door has opened and i'm beginning to see into myself (hope that makes sense).

It was this article that describes how i am word for word, have been doing the nail biting thing for 20 years in the exact manner that the writer describes and in the last 10 the picking at moles/spots etc.. in the hope of perfect complexion...never sat and contemplated what i'd been doing...i don't know why now in my 30's myself is being exposed to so many things.

I think i am depressed and wonder if the above triggers it or is a result of... if you just need to go and talk to someone to get rid of many years of boxed feelings is the best step to see GP first and be referred? Sorry to ramble if i am. Don't think i ever thought i was really depressed as i dont see any need to be. Childhood stuff mainly that comes to surface and makes me act at times quite strange, i've also noticed that in the last 3 years i've become extremely anti-social and finding books better company than friends. I just see myself as a bit weird as of late. 10 years ago was a completely different person add marriage and a few kids and here i am...

sorry am most definitely rambling now.

geraniums Thu 11-Sep-08 17:27:50

note: i've changed my MN name for 1st time ever!

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