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mumtobe2 Wed 10-Sep-08 20:54:38

Does anyone know anything about Seroxat?Been perscribed it today by my doctor because Sertraline wasnt helping much.Am still breastfeeding dd2 (who is 9 months old) and she said it was the only other "safe" ad I could have but after reading the bad press about withdrawal etc am terrified of taking the first tablet.Does anyone have any experience of this ad?

mumtobe2 Thu 11-Sep-08 18:48:27

Just bumping this thread as no response last night. Any information greatly appreciated.

zephyrcat Thu 11-Sep-08 18:51:14

Hi, there are lots of posts on here about Seroxat if you do a search on it. I personally had a very bad experience of Seroxat but I have to bite my tongue because everyone is different. You should do as much research as you feel necessary and go with how you feel. If you are uncomfortable with it then maybe see a different doctor and get a second opinion on taking something else.

wingandprayer Thu 11-Sep-08 18:57:03

I did not take Seroxat for PND so cannot comment on the feeding thing, but I wanted to reassure you that I came off Seroxat after 9 months being treated for depression pre-children without any problems.

I was on one tablet a day, cut down to half a tablet a day, then half every other day then stopped. I made sure I did feel much better in myself, picked a good time in my life to pack in and most importantly I feel, had been through CBT counselling and felt that I had resolved the issues that put me there in the first place. It is a bit wobbly initially but I think most of that is just worry that you will feel ill again and fear of that.

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 11-Sep-08 18:59:08

I was on it for about 18 months (this was about 10 yrs ago). It worked for me, in that it helped lift my depression long enough to get my life together. Reading media coverage about it since has been a bit scary...

I did find it a little hard to come off it, but I was also anxious about the depression coming back, and it was hard to separate this out. When I did come off I found I had to do it v gradually, went down from 2 tabs a day to 1, then half a day, then half every other day. My GP recommended taking one tab every other day but this caused me to feel disoriented.

fedupandisolated Thu 11-Sep-08 19:01:30

mumtobe2, I was prescribed this for PND - it worked really well but was hell to come off of. However, I got off it by switching to Prozac (which is much easier to get off of) and took that for three moths after which I gradually cut down until I stopped.
Excellent drug for PND but speak to your GP when you come off and ask for a switch to Prozac.

mumtobe2 Thu 11-Sep-08 22:36:31

Thanks everybody for their suggestions.That is what gp said to go onto another ad to get off it.Took first tablet this morning and have been ok.Not any worse anyway.Hope it works.

loopylou6 Fri 12-Sep-08 08:23:08

i was on seroxat for a year, it was a miracle for me, stopped the constant panic attacks, i came off very very slowly, half a tab a day, then a quarter

shortcircuit Thu 18-Sep-08 20:38:32

My dr prescribed this for me last week. I took 5mg & several hours later felt like someone was frying my brain. I'm not taking it again & instead trying to get better holistically (which my dr is anti).

Hope you are ok with it.

poshwellies Fri 19-Sep-08 11:23:43

I was on and off seroxat for nearly 10 yrs (from the age of 18 after a complete breakdown) and I have to say it quite literally helped me to say alive and wade through my issues/trauma-it also helped my social anxiety/panic attacks.Yeah, it has a few yuk side effects (dry mouth and a bit of a detached feeling) but I think all SSRI's do.
Agree with others on withdrawing from seroxat-make sure you get a proper withdrawal plan from your gp.You can get prescribed seroxat in liquid form which I found the best when I came off of it and do it little by little-1/2mg decreases.

I came off of seroxat nearly 4 yrs ago after being on it for at least 5 yrs straight-it took 6 months and tbh,I didn't have any problems.

Wish you all the best and hope you begin to feel better within yourself asap.

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