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Citalopram and mood swings?

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ShyBaby Wed 10-Sep-08 19:41:47

Has anyone experienced this?

I started taking it about 6 weeks ago (have tried many different anti d's in the past). Now, instead of feeling blardy awful all of the time im as high a kite one minute and feeling really evil the next (well maybe not evil, just not a gibbering wreck scared of peeing other people off).

Will it level out at all?

Sunday I was annoyed and didn't care who I upset anymore.
Monday I was quite proactive despite being really tired.
Tuesday I told someone at work in no uncertain terms I was sick of being treated like a doormat..what's more, I didn't care and didn't feel guilty or stupid for speaking my mind.
This morning I actually felt happy (a rare occurence).

But the worst thing is this confidence around people, it has come from no-where. Im normally quiet.

Not sure if I liked it better being permanently miserable (better the devil you know), at least it was consistent.

I feel strange like im not sure who I am anymore (but maybe that's because ive been depressed for a long time and dont actually know what "normal" should feel like).

Does this mean the tablets are starting to work....or that they dont suit me?

(Sorry, I know this post doesn't make much sense but I cant think of how else to describe it!) grin

mum2ds1 Wed 10-Sep-08 20:48:05

hey hun i was on citalorpam and i felt at an acceptable level
i was on them for about 10 months i dont think they helped straight away but they certainly took the edge off
i was on them for pms which was awful at the time
i would go back and have a chat with your doc and tell him/her whats happening you may be on the wrong dose??????
good luck and i hope you get sorted soon.

ShyBaby Wed 10-Sep-08 21:51:11

They are 20mg, no idea whether that is high low or whatever?

IdrisTheDragon Wed 10-Sep-08 21:56:37

I take citalopram - I haven't experienced mood swings like yours while taking them (although did before I took them).

I started at 20mg which is the level people often start at (take 40mg now).

I would suggest going to your doctor and discussing it - for me no knowing how I am going to be would not be a good thing.

wotulookinat Wed 10-Sep-08 22:02:10

It should have settled down by now - usually all the side effects have gone by 4 weeks.
How long do people usually take Citalopram for? I've been on it for 9 months now.

wotulookinat Wed 10-Sep-08 22:02:41

Just thought, Shybaby, maybe increasing the dose will help with the moodswings? Ask the doc.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 10-Sep-08 23:23:55

I've been on citalopram for nearly a year - when I next see the GP (in a few weeks) we'll be discussing starting to cut down.

arionater Sun 14-Sep-08 19:36:27

If you're having dramatic mood swings you need to see your GP again as soon as you can. For a small percentage of people who are prone that way, antidepressants can be "too effective" if you like and actually trigger a manic episode, or a 'mixed' one (with elements of both mania and depression). Being very 'high' and also very confident/talkative can be symptoms of mania. Of course you may well be fine, and your mood changes may be relatively mild and manageable - and part of recovery as you say, especially if you haven't felt yourself for a long time - but you need to see your doctor about it. When it happened to me it was very dramatic - I took a single 10mg of citalopram and was quite mad four hours later! - but I think it's actually more common to get "too high" more gradually after a few weeks. Probably nothing to worry about but definitely get some advice. Have you had this before with any anti-depressants?

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