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Feeling world is against me

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Sunshine78 Mon 08-Sep-08 13:40:58

I have been really good recently with my depression but know feel everything is about to come crashing down on me.

Life is hard at the moment as my dh owns an estate agency (which of course isn't bringing in much money so he isn't bringing much home) I have 2 dc 1 4.5 and 1 2 I work 20 hours a week. Last week I asked boss if I could do some extra hours at home. He was fine with this. Now though all my work collegues are being funny with me about this - they could also just ask if they wanted the hassle of working at home! I have had to give up having xmas/birthday presents from my parents for a while as they have brought me a computer to use at home to do the work on(their gifts were my only treats) DH is now wanting my work to pay the broadband fee which I need for work but we already had and he does use it for his work.

Sorry so long but I live in a small town and hard to talk to people as we dont want everyone knowing we are struggling for cash - from the outside we must look to be doing well but everything we have we have worked v hard for and gone without a lot!

Sorry so long but I am sitting at work clsoe to tears and noone to talk to

RedHead81 Mon 08-Sep-08 15:36:17

I really feel for you - its hard here for us too - my DH has a design and build company and he's finding that people can't afford for work to be done at the moment - and those that do want work done are getting it done by "cowboys" who have been laid off from housing sites through lack of work and are now undercutting genuine building companies because they are doing "cash jobs" and not paying any tax/insurance. It's not easy is it?

We've tried cutting down on whatever we can - certainly no luxuries here! and before anyone asks, we need broadband because of work too! I have my own business from home too making wedding jewellery, but because I have just had another baby (4mths) I have cooled off a bit and only trade from one shop. I know what you mean about athers looking at you and thinking you are well off. People tend to think that because you have your own business then you must be well off, but it just isn't the case. Usually in the first years, those businesses either fail or are in debt let alone on the brink of recession.

why are your colleagues being funny about it? Thats not fair.

Its hard enough for me without depression, so I would hate to think how you must be feeling. But please know that you are not the only one this is happening to. There are many people out there who have already lost their homes through reposession so we should at least think ourselves lucky that it hasn't got that bad and hope that it never does.

Have you spoken to your gp about the depression? Is it an ongoing thing? I suppose it doesn't help having the weather so rubbish lately does it?

like i said - i feel for you, and my thoughts are with you - hope you are feeling slightly more optimistic than you were.


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