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Is ist possible to be very unhappy but not depressed?

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unhappy Fri 05-Sep-08 08:01:28

I have had depressions on and off for a few years now - I am incredibly unhappy about my life situation but dont think I am depressed ie. in need of medication - what do others think am I deluding myself?

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Sep-08 08:04:05

Yes. Having done both, it is def possible. For me, depression comes with that big empty hole feeling inside, unhappiness doesn't

Portofino Fri 05-Sep-08 08:05:45

I think it's perfectly possible to be unhappy with current circumstances without being depressed. Are you sleeping well/ feeling anxious etc. Do you feel like you have the impetus and desire to make some changes to your current situation?

iwantasecondone Fri 05-Sep-08 08:19:10

Am right there with you. Depression is a big sucking void and unhappiness is just pants. Sending you a big smile and a hug.

Tortington Fri 05-Sep-08 08:19:55

ditto - what flamesparrow said.

life isn't perfect and we are allowed to be unhappy

this is quite qhuite diferent from waking up and feeling no hope, utter dispair and a big black hole.

i think people forget that we are allowed to be unhappy

i think i read monkeytrousers quote something recently where she said that we have only very recently looked upon happiness as a right. - historically.

and i think we can also get mixed up - so like, you might have shitty job or no job, but good friends - you might be in a financial mess, but your kids are so funny.

its when there is nothing nothing good. and the darkness swallows up everything. thats when you need to go to docs.

huzzah for unhappiness.

he happy in it grin

SmugColditz Fri 05-Sep-08 08:29:15

Unhappiness is a normal reaction to a crap situation. Depression is an abnormal reaction or non reaction to a normal situation

filthymindedvixen Fri 05-Sep-08 08:35:50

Unhappy but not depressed is good. It can motivate you to make changes and get back in control of stuff which is cuasing the unhappiness.
Depression means you lose the motivation to make these changes.
Use the force Luke, use the force

(and start making a list of changes you can make, however small they may be initially. The key to changing things is not tackle everything all at once...

mou Fri 05-Sep-08 08:47:41

absolutely agree 'unhappy' in fact glad you started this thread. my life crap at the moment and i have suffered with depression in the past. i went to the doctor over my sons problem and doctorwanted me to go on anti-depressants and i said i am very unhappy but NOT depressed. she wouldn't listen.
don't know what it is like for you but when i'm depressed i lose interest in life completely and even have suicide thoughts and have self harmed. but now i am doing things in hyper mode (never got so much done!!)
keeping busy as a coping strategy which i just know i wouldn't do if i was depressed.
i would trust your instincts on this one as and hope you find a way forward soon...

smile and a hug from me too.

zippitippitoes Fri 05-Sep-08 08:48:39

i agree it is perfectly possible and in deed desirable to be unhappy for lots of reasons we have a range of emotions

depression is different

but people do often confuse the two

unhappy Fri 05-Sep-08 08:56:34

kinda glad I started this thread now - will try to make some changes to my life and see if its makes me happier. Some of things have struck a cord in that perhaps I am on the verge of slipping again into the dark hole of depression - not like it every day but some days I really dont see the point to any of it - not too bad today but yesterday was one such day - hoping today will be better and suicide does ocassoinaly seem the only option away from the horrible situation I have found myself in but would never ever do that to my dcs smile

mou Fri 05-Sep-08 09:01:23

i accepted the prescription for painkillers but didn't redeem it, stuck it on my noticeboard so i knew it was there if i couldn't cope .made me feel i had control of my life.
if you can i would advise walking as a way of relieving stress, really works for me ( and i lost 4 stone) made me feel even better.

filthymindedvixen Fri 05-Sep-08 10:01:06

unhappy - what makes you feel happy? How will you 'know' when you are not unhappy IFSWIM?

I believe the secret is to learn to identify the little pockets of happiness/contentment which do occur in the day - even if it's just that 10 minutes of quiet after the children have gone to bed, or sitting in the sunshine with an ice cream.

Happiness is not a question of ''if I have more money, I will be happy'' or ''if I lose weight I will be happy''.

unhappy Fri 05-Sep-08 13:24:46

what makes me happy - lots of things - everything being calm in our house is a good start as my main source of unhappiness is my children's father - I know longer want to call him my partner as to all intents and purposes he is not my partner anymore - he does not connect to me emotionally - today started out Ok turning into another bad one -perhaps I am deluding myself maybe I do need to see the Doc again - but it wont change my situation it wont change the fact that I am lonely and feel like a crap mum aned that I drink too much and that I dont stand up for myself and that my children's father is a bully it wont change any of that will it if I take medication it will just help me sleep a little better - I do feel very down today not just unhappy maybe I should start another thread although I am going home soon and we have no computer at home sad

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