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nothing serious. just a low moment

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tyaca Thu 04-Sep-08 10:10:50

we moved two months ago - me dh and our 6mo dd. been ok cause dh has been around, he's a teacher and has just gone back to work this week.

yesterday was ok - tho' long. i spent all the day walking round town. dh has to do a lot of extra evening and weekends work cause we now live onsite at his school in a free property and he not back til 11pm. today he will be out as well. these are choices we have made so i can chose when to go back to work. the shock of the changes will pass and i know we;ve made the rigfht choice.

today i was going to take dd to the baby clinic but have just googled the location and it will take approx 90min to walk and not gettable to by public transport. i dont drive and we are out in the sticks! i miss the grubby south london high street with its second hand shops i lived near to.

i have signed up to baby yoga, tiny talk and tumble tots. they all begin in the next fortnight and i know things will get better then. filled days and meeting people will help and we are going to get me learning to drive.

that;s it - just a blue moment as a v long day stretches before me. silly, huh?

tyaca Thu 04-Sep-08 10:40:17

bumpety bump

jonamum Thu 04-Sep-08 11:20:22

No advice, but I have been there in new house with small baby. I think you have done exactly the right thing joining groups.
Got to go out now, will check in when I get back at 1.30 if you would like to chat to pass the time.X

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