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Not sure what I'm asking here: just feel like talking about it really

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castlesintheair Wed 03-Sep-08 09:43:51

I'm weaning myself of Paroxetine. Have been doing this very sensibly for a few months. I'm down to a quarter of a tablet a day and am starting to feel bad again. I feel very weepy: back to not being able to handle the school run this morning for example (long story) and am getting the head spins. Lots of irrational thoughts like trying for a 4th DC etc. I loved how I was on ADs iykwim but I gained 2 stone in weight in a year and I wasn't thin to begin with. I also went from little interest in sex to absolutely none at all. I can feel things spiralling out of control again which is causing me to panic and I wonder if it's just a temporary thing? Has anyone been there? Will I start to feel 'better' again once I'm off the effing things for good? Am I dependent on them?
Thank you for listening if you have got this far.

Mogsmum Wed 03-Sep-08 10:10:30

No advice for you I'm afraid but do you have any psychiatric support or did your GP put you on the ADs. If you have psych support it may be worth giving them a ring. I'm new to this game hmm of depression (DH has just been diagnosed), so can't say more than that really.

Hope your day gets better....

castlesintheair Wed 03-Sep-08 12:45:51

Anyone with positive stories please? Has anyone come off ADs and felt normal?

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