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binged again

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theglutton Sun 20-Feb-05 23:55:07

Just finsihed off choc cake & ice-cream, 3 scones w/ clotted cream & jam, 2 g&ts, 1 cheese ham sarnie, 1 cold curried beef sarnie... ugh. Too full to go to bed. Disgusted with self -- thought I was over this! Will probably round off the evening with laxatives. V. depressed.

ScummyMummy Mon 21-Feb-05 00:04:16

Sorry it's been a bad night and you feel shite. What worked before, if you thought you were over this? Can you go back to that and make sure this is a lapse rather than a relapse?

sansouci Mon 21-Feb-05 00:10:54

Tomorrow's another day. Take it easy on yourself & skip the laxatives.

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