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Am I slipping back into depression, my husband thinks so but I don't agree.

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Sushipaws Sun 31-Aug-08 22:24:02

I've just had a row with my husband over putting a bed in the spare room. I know it's silly but I've wanted to do this for ages and he's kept saying he wants the room as a play room for his stuff and an office. I stuck to my guns and he told me that I'm slipping back into the way I was when I was diagnossed with PND. I think he's been acting like a bit of an arse for the last few days and he's been getting on my nerves allot. I've tried to stay calm and not show my annoyance but he's been rather rude to me at times and I don't feel like this behavior should go by unmarked.
The reason he's saying this is because I've cut down my anti-D's to 20mg every 2 days, I was on 20mg a day before. I've cut down because I found out I was pregnant again, but I've been getting violent tummy pains and am getting regular scans because they fear the sack has not attached properly and it may not be a good pregnancy.
I admit I am more tired and perhaps a bit more irritable. I have been feeling a bit down the last few days, but that could be because of the pain and the fact that I may be loosing this pregnancy.
I don't know whether I should take what he's saying as a serious reflection on the way I am or if he's acting badly. He has me doubting myself, which is frightening.

npg1 Mon 01-Sep-08 03:49:02

Hi there. It sounds like we are in a similar situation.

I dont get much support from my P who works away all week. We dont speak much during the week so weekends are our time to talk which we haven't been doing recently so I have been getting cross and we end up rowing.

I had PND after DD2 (who is 2) was born, started the tablets when she was about 9 months old and came off them 6 months later gradually. I felt fine after that but just recently I feel abit depressed again.I did start back on the pill nearly 2 months ago and P is blaming that for my mood swings. I thought about stopping the pill but also thinking of going back to doc to get antidepressents. In a way though I think I know if I take the antidepressents it is only masking the problems.

Im not sure, is there a HV or someone you can talk to? I am always doubting myself too.

Sushipaws Mon 01-Sep-08 11:49:34

The pill made me a bit loopy too, I had to come off it, hence pregnant again

I've just moved so not got to know my new health visitor yet. I think I'll just leave it a little while just to see if it's the being pregnant and not knowing if it's worked thats making me feel bad.

I know what you mean about masking the problem, have you been to councelling, it really helped me, for a while.

It must be hard with 2 lo's and a partner who's away all week.

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