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SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 09:41:01

Have had a good half term week with dds 5 and 3 this week but I have had enough now. The house is a complete and utter tip. I have tried to put the housework off a little this week so I could enjoy my time with them and didn't think it was worth doing to much with them around anyway (it only gets messed up again 5 mins later!). Have got up this morning and every room in this house is upside down. I know it shouldn't but if the house isn't reasonably tidy it makes me feel pretty fed up. DDs are squabbling with each other non-stop about stupid things. I need a bit of me time as well so 9am tomrrow morning cannot come quick enough.
The thought of getting uniforms ironed and lunchboxes made, after a week off it, it's making me cringe.
Sorry to moan. Had to get it off my chest otherwise I'm going to go crazy.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:42:45

Sparkler - snap! I feel exactly like you. I can't function when the house is like that and believe me it's the same here. I am also fed up as if it snows there is no way I can get my 2 to school tomorrow and I really need them to go back so I can get it all sorted out!

SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 09:44:17

OMG - you poor thing. I totally and utterly depending on my two being out of the house tomorrow. Aren't I awful?? Do I get the medal for the worst MN mum today?? Fingers crossed it won't happen to you? It is snowing heavily with you then? Can't remember where you are now.

MrsBigD Sun 20-Feb-05 09:44:51

I so know where you're coming from! Lets scream together as therapy...

I've only got dd (3) who's making a mess everywhere, ds (6m) only throws up every now and again on his playmat so not too tragic. BUT I don't seem to be getting anywhere no matter how hard I try and our flat also looks like a horde of hunns has stampeded through. It's amazing how disruptive such young people can be!

Roll on 0900 Monday!!! at least then I'll have 2.5h to find the floor and swing the hoover round

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:46:45

Hi Sparkler - no it's not snowing yet. I am jist shit scared of snow

I just have been all over the place as doctor said to reduce ad's and that obviously wasn't the right thing to do. I've been all over the place and I hate feeling like this.

Dh said if I spent less time on here and more time tidying I'd have nothing to moan about (he does have a point!)

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 09:47:29

Snap her too!
I should be tidying/cleaning/ironing etc too but am stuck here on mumsnet. Why? WHY??!
I am planning to muddle through today as much as I can and do the bulk of the blitzing tomorrow. Messy rooms are driving me mad and the kitchen cupboards seem to have exploded. Later I will play the fun fun game of 'hunt the other school shoe' and wonder how long it will take to find enough food for their lunchboxes. On the plus side, I have just put a bottle of wine in the fridge for me to enjoy after bedtime!

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 09:48:36

That should be 'Snap here too!'

SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 09:48:47

I do try to make them clear up after themselves but it is such hard work I usually end up doing it myself just to get it done quicker. They are only 5 and 3 so still a bit young aren't they? Or maybe they are taking the P? Am trying to sit here for a bit of me time and I am constantly getting interuptions.

"Mum I want this, Mum I want that, Fight, Tease, Squabble"


There, I've done it and I still don't feel any better.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:49:23

duster - It's so hard keeping it tidy when they are at home.
I don't think it helps that I live in a small house. Stuff everywhere!

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:50:12

That's better

SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 09:52:57

Sorry you are feeling crap. First thing I did this morning when I saw the state of the place was to hit the AD box. I normally take them later in the day but made sure I took it early today to hopefuly help me through.

helsy Sun 20-Feb-05 09:53:48

Snap snap snap - also on mumsnet as displacement activity - we should all be out enjoying the sunshine, but the house is a s**t tip - haven't cleaned the bath since we moved in a month ago, still have boxes in almost every room, and DH would be quite happy to stay in bed watching TV all day. Drives me MAD. I just want to go for a nice walk! Might just sort out the bathroom and go, stuff it. School uniform can wait until tonight, I wear stuff to work I don't have to iron and if he wants shirts he knows where the iron is.
Well, that helped - thanks very much!

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:53:54

I can't take mine in the day sparkler as I would fall asleep.

SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 09:53:55

Dh is still in bed - his turn to lay in this morning. He's got to go to work for four hours sometime today as well so looks like I've got a day of crap

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 09:53:59


rrrr rrrrrrr

God, that feels fabulous.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:54:32

helsy - glad you feel better for it

Why is motherhood so hard???

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 09:55:06

duster - great isn't it

Now I need something to punch How evil am I???

duster Sun 20-Feb-05 09:58:37

I would very much like to punch someone too! I am going to give a virtual slap to the smug mummy I see at the end of the road whenever I look most like Hagrid:


<sounds of whipcracking bejesus of a wallop>

The relief is incredible. My hand is throbbing but I feel so much better. Am I bad? but

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 10:02:09

No you are normal

Carla Sun 20-Feb-05 10:08:57

IMSDBH, totally empathise. If it's any consolation, the bigger the house the more cr*p ends up in piles, the more space to clean, etc etc. I think it would be slightly more tolerable if it weren't for the constant squabbling. Added to that I've got the joy of bug busing this morning. They've had the blighters since Christmas and I really though I'd cracked it on Monday, only to discover two in dd2's hair yesterday. Short of boiling their heads I don't know what I can do and I'm in despair.

BUT ... on the whole they are gorgeous girls - kind and thoughtful, so I s'pose I can't complain that my house isn't its normal, prechildren pristine self.

BTW, my ADs make me feel sleepy all day, no matter that I take them last thing at night. Are they supposed to do that? Snoooooor ...... zzzzzzz

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sun 20-Feb-05 10:11:01

Oh no Carla - you've still got them

Do you have a Savers near you? As I bought Dr Johnson nit shampoo and conditioner and managed to get rid of mine and ds's within 2 days (touches wood as it was a month ago)

colditzmum Sun 20-Feb-05 10:16:20

I would like to bemoan the fact that I can barely move in my house, disgusting pile that it is.

And a virtual lashing to my dp for still not fitting my new cooker after a week!

Carla Sun 20-Feb-05 10:16:43

Thanks IMSDBH, not heard of one round here but I'll do a google

marthamoo Sun 20-Feb-05 10:33:32

Why do you think I am on MN now? Because my two (7 and 3) are trashing the living room, having got out every toy they own, and are bickering over a rubber bat (a flying bat, not a hitting each other bat). Back to school tomorrow and I can't wait (I used to look upon Mums who said that with scorn - how could they not enjoy having their child at home with them - that was before I had two).

Sparkler, iron school stuff now (am amazed you iron uniform - I don't!), make sure you have stuff for sandwiches and make sandwiches after the kids are in bed tonight. Get everything out ready and tomorrow will be easier (says she who has no idea where ds1's PE kit ended up after washing).

SPARKLER1 Sun 20-Feb-05 10:45:47

Oh bloody hell forgot about the PE kit. Only have one plimsol. The other one is lost in the crap somewhere in the house. Looks like it will be a trip to Tesco at 3.55pm!!! stressing out trying to find some to fit her ready for tomrrow.

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