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Programme on depression on BBC3 tonight - 8pm

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marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 15:19:04

Just thought I'd mention this. It's called Bye Bye Happiness and looks at 4 people and their different experiences of depression - ranging from manic to post-natal. Radio Times says..

"...uses re-enacted scenes to re-create the quartet's reactions to discovering they had depression, expores their black, even suicidal moods, and touches on their unwillingness to discuss it because of the stigma attached and their ways of coping."

One off documentary.

pipsy1 Sat 19-Feb-05 15:35:15

Thanks - will definitel have a look. The title sounds just like how I feel much of the time

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 18:46:56

Bump, in case anyone else is interested.

(I feel like RTKangaMummy!)

Lonelymum Sat 19-Feb-05 18:48:49

Sounds a bundle of fun! Seriously, shame we can't get BBC3

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 18:52:01

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 19:55:46

Last bump...

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 20:58:33

Well that was...


essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:10:02

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 21:16:33

For me, all the singing and dancing detracted from just how bad it is when it's bad (iykwim - which you do). It was kind of an "up" programme on being down. Scary thing was I could identify with some of the feelings and behaviours of all four of them - I'm certifiable

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:17:14

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:18:21

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 21:18:43

Well, at least we know what to do about it now - put on our white top and tails, grab a cane, and start singing and dancing 'til we feel better

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:20:19

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 21:20:35

That's what I thought - I watched it because I have suffered from depression - can't imagine anyone who hadn't sticking with it or really gaining an insight into depression from it. I think the message a non-sufferer would have got from it was...oh it isn't really that bad. And it bloody well is.

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:22:26

Message withdrawn

dramaqueen72 Sat 19-Feb-05 21:32:29

i think it was trying to 'help' deal with the taboo of saying out loud 'i have depression' by trying to make it sound more common and not so OTT as people who have never had it often think it has to be. ie;you dont have to be suicidal to be depressed. i believe its part of a new 'thing' by the BBc to help recognise depression. wonder what else they have in store.....
the man in white made me think of god out of bruce almighty! abit cringy at the uncomfortable people doing the song routines tho.....

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 22:04:14

Dramaqueen - didn't they look uncomfortable ? Talk about "coming out" with a bang - not only were they admitting to the world they suffered from depression they also had to do the cringeworthy song and dance routines too.

I think there is far more of a stigma attached to men admitting depression (interesting that they had one man to three women). I thought it was typically male for the bloke to insist on calling it "seratonin uptake inhibition" (or whatever he said) instead of depression. I found it impossible to admit I had severe PND at the time but have recently started talking about it to people I meet for the first time (at Mums and Tots groups for example) and thus far have not had any negative reactions. But perhaps that is because I am perceived to be "better" (even though I am still on medication). When I was really ill, when ds1 was born, I did have someone I considered a close friend tell me to pull myself together. Strangely enough, we lost touch soon after that...

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 22:12:40

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 22:15:23

The woman who had PND will cringe when she saw the bit where she was singing and dancing and lifted her arms up to reveal a big expanse of post babies, stretch marked, flabby tum. I thought "oh you poor woman - not on national television!"

essbee Sun 20-Feb-05 18:59:36

Message withdrawn

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