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am beibg unreasonable to just say fukc it ad just froget it

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CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 01:12:00

what you tink eh?

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 01:20:22

yeah i agre
se ya

thumbwitch Thu 28-Aug-08 01:38:33

hi CvQ - you ok?

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:43:23


Oi CVQ rant at me a while, I'm here all lacking a bit if a rant and everything. Come one!

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:43:41


thumbwitch Thu 28-Aug-08 01:45:11

Gah, where have you gone? I was actually doing some work for a change and didn't see your message quick enough

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 01:49:17

sory ws busy.noim not laright nd i dont evn care anmore

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:49:23

Aw shit. Go on, check in wee small hours you know you want to.

And there'll we'll be wondering where CvQ is and saying things like If only CvQ was here we could talk random nonsense and mess around on youtube.

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:50:24

Hey hey CvQ.

It's cool to say fuck it for a night, let's talk about something else if you like?

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 01:51:36

ive hds it

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:52:03

No you haven't

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:52:42

What were you up to today.

I am learning to drive.

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 01:53:05

wana a bet

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:54:44

Nah I'm shit at betting I once bet that I could drink a halfpint of vodka. That did not end well.

But I will say with confidence that you are not done. You have more.

thumbwitch Thu 28-Aug-08 01:54:53

wassup? What's happened today to make you feel so much worse?
C'mon, talk to us, we're here to help you

thumbwitch Thu 28-Aug-08 01:55:53

if you don't want to say, that's ok too - we'll talk about something else

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 01:57:37

a awhoeday of disappinment ralisation i am shitmoum a babya who thnks night is day an di am pisse coz i dont cre now.hows hat

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:58:30


Come on, talk dammit. or at least type thoughts to us?

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 01:58:56

Hello smile

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 02:02:25

Baby who think night are day. tricky buggers really, my first dd was very much like that.

It can be sorted. I promise. I really really promise. You will sleep again - I swear.

Just how shit a mum haev you been? You know we all think we're shit a lot of the time, because we are not perfect and parenting is hard.

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 02:04:47

ivesmackde him
i wna die

thumbwitch Thu 28-Aug-08 02:06:02

Aw pet - is this because j wouldn't fall in with the plan you were given to help his routines?

Babies are buggers like that. My DS has been on hyperdrive all bloody day, needing a feed every hour because he is a wee bit fretful over his teeth. I tried, oh yes, not to give in but he got very bloodyminded about it and just screamed until I caved in. I think I managed to persuade him to nap once or twice for 20mins each time, hence why I am here now doing work that I should have been doing much earlier.

I have calpol'd him tonight to try and persuade him to stay asleep for longer than 2 hours at a time (the last 2 nights have been a bit hard although not in your league)

What have you been drinking then - was it good?

thumbwitch Thu 28-Aug-08 02:08:14

I'm sure you didn't smack him hard and he was probably being a royal PITA at the time. But you know you are doing the best you can for him at a very tough time in your life, so please be nice to yourself, don't beat yourself up over one little slip

CvQ Thu 28-Aug-08 02:10:54

hes crying sgoin i ned to go.icna t keep doing this its klling mesad

vodcas the key

S1ur Thu 28-Aug-08 02:11:48


Smacking, yes. It is not good. The fact that you know that it is bad is a good thing.

That you feel guilty is a good thing.

But what you choose to do about it is what marks you out as the person you could be.

So what are you going to do? Will you give up? Or will you try?

Everyday we try and it is bloody hard but the fact we try makes us good people and good parents.

You give up and it's all for shit.

You keep trying and you are amazing.

which considering how you just keep trying all this time I think I know the answer to that one, you are more.

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