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PND?? Sorry, its a long one x

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lauraloola Mon 25-Aug-08 12:24:56

Hi, I posted a thread on here at the weekend asking if people thought I was being unreasonable in hating my dp's family being here. Someone mentioned pnd on it and now I am beginning to wonder.

My dp's mum lives in America and has come over for the week to my 11 week old dd. I hate her being here and being near my dd. I will hold her as much as I can when shes here and wont let her do any of the nice things with her.

I love my family being with but just cant stand his mum, brother or nephew being near her.

Dp and me arent getting on at the moment. It doesnt help that I have awful PMT at the mo. We had massive row last night about Xmas - His mum is here for 2 weeks then. I ended up telling him I hated her. He shouted at me whilst holding dd so I took her upstairs. I think we are over now.

I thought Pnd was when you didnt want to be around your dc. I love my dd so much and just want to protect her. Today I cant stop crying. They have gone out for the day but I stayed home with dd. I am going to my sisters in a mo so that I dont have to spend too long with them.

Am going to see the doc tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else was the same and what happened?

Thanks x

Laura, PND doesn't always mean you don't want to be around your dc. I'm no authority on PND but it does sound like you have a high level of anxiety going on, and PND can make you feel paranoid and like everything is wrong.

I would definitely speak to your doctor, and -if you can bear to- sit your dp, mil etc down and just say "LOOK, I know I've been a bit difficult lately, I don't feel quite right, and I suspect I have post natal depression- I'm going to be seeing a doctor about it this week, please cut me some slack for now"

I have pnd, and I am on antidepressants. I blush when I think of a few incidents recently of arguments wit family etc that were directly because of the PND and me feeling paranoid and being unreasonable.

It's not your fault but you do need to get it sorted. Once you can see things more clearly, your situation and relationships will be more bearable. hth

lauraloola Mon 25-Aug-08 16:49:43

Thanks. I will speak to my doctor tomorrow and have a chat with dp later if he will talk to me x

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