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Obession ,epression and life :-(

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lilbunny Sun 17-Aug-08 21:27:56

Why d I have an obsession with my partners ex?My partner slipt up with her about 2 years before we got together and there where others gfs after her but thi one just gets to me!I see her alot and she does nothing horrible to me but.....i dont know I cant explain.i have his child something she never but in the photos Iv seen he looked soo happy woth her:-( he asked her to marry him ...I dont know I guess the more In know about her thye more i envy her.Shes friends with his old friends unyet they didnt like me when we 1st meet.I envy her relationship with her mother...i evny her freedom from every day being just a consent cycle of house work and kids.shes younger then me and doen seen to ahve a care in the world,i have 101 problems a terrible past....God i feel soo depressed i just dont seem to make anyone happy :-( x

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