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beta blockers not working

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Momino Sat 16-Aug-08 12:21:11

been taking beta blocks for anxiety for a little over a week now but still waking up in the mid of night frightened and with racing heart. in fact, feel like my night time panic attacks have got worse. not sure if I need something else or too early to tell? should bb's act straight away?

i don't know how long I can cope with this. am also seeing a counsellor who's helping a bit but I'm still so frightened (of life) that i don't know how to get through each day. can't cope with my hysterically tantrumming 2 year old nor clingy 11 month old. they're at in laws this weekend and hubby is away so house is quiet. instead of feeling relaxed all I want to do is cry.

i know it's not poss but just want a pill to take it all away and feel 'normal' again. anyone have such a pill? Julie x

bubbles4 Sun 17-Aug-08 01:29:16

Dont know the answers to your questions but sorry to see your feeling like this.Do you have family or friends that can help out?Hope things will look more positive for you soon.

HappypillsGalore Sun 17-Aug-08 01:35:05

if you want to cry, do it.
instead of trying to fight your feelings, maybe try just letting them happen for a bit. you might find they run out of steam all on their own if they get a chance to come out.
glad youve got a little break from the little ones - dont have too high expectations on yourself to spend your 'free' time in the 'right way'... just be kind to yourself.

if you figure out the magic pill, can i have one too please? smile

Momino Sun 17-Aug-08 12:00:46

thanks all. Last night, just felt like being alone so sat in front of the telly with a big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. There was nothing on, so I called my mum and a friend (am american so family and closest friends are all long distance unfortunately) and had good, long chat. Then, had a good cry before going to bed which actually made me feel better and slept for 8 hours!

Feel ok today but still anxious,down and no energy. I work from home and have a couple of hours to do but can't bring myself to do any work. Spoke to daughters on the phone which was nice but all I could think of is 'please stay with grandparents another few days...' it feels horrible that I don't miss them. Is this normal?

I'm going to see my doc on Thu to see if there is something else I should take instead of the beta blockers. I've been so hesitant to take ADs but after reading many of the posts here, i realise it may be a good thing... this depression/anxiety has been going on for months, if not years and it only seems to be getting worse, I don't think I can stop it by myself.

Thanks for listening. I feel better just for putting my thoughts down and knowing you're all here for support. xx

HappypillsGalore Sun 17-Aug-08 13:33:45

fwiw, i was pretty reluctant to take ad's too. felt like a combination of a drama-queen overreaction to a 'petty' or 'imagined' problem, and a terrible admission of weakness and inability to cope.
all that tho, is part of my problem... i see now.
ive been on the ad's for a few months now and they have made a remarkable difference.

i dont know anything about beta blockers... i think its good youre going back to the doc. discuss it all, they may need to up the dose or something. i know with my ad's it took a few weeks for me to level out, stop having side effects and stop wanting to die. i hope you feel better soon. well done for calling home too; communication is a v good thing to keep up ime.

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