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too many tears

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CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 00:45:30

ive got myself upset and in a state.reading some threads tonightwasnt a good ideasadand sleeping is difficult and here is stresssful but i need the help.ive done this to myself.i dont want sympathy.i just want to stop the tears

JonahTakalua Sun 10-Aug-08 00:47:47

turn the screen off, and try and get some sleep, sweetheart.
it's so much harder to cope when you're tired.
<voice of experience>

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 00:54:28

thats just it.i cant sleep.and not like this either.if i thought mum would understand id go and wake her upsad

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:01:36

cvq i'm here honey x x

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 01:06:20


UniversallyChallenged Sun 10-Aug-08 01:07:43

wish i could help too x

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:10:08

have you managed to eat or sleep today? how's your baby boy doing? sending hugs x

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:12:04

did you read the thread a few weeks ago where a reg didn't have any clean knickers? it sticks out as i was REALLY low that day and it made me chuckle. i'll see if i can find it

Ewe Sun 10-Aug-08 01:12:13

Could you go to bed and read a book? Being on MN won't help you get anywhere near to slep, it's too stimulating.

Have you tried and mind exercises to enable you to relax and sleep?

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 01:14:34

sleep no but mums making me eat.sorry i dont know whats got into me.

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:14:55

this is it

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:18:52

one of the worst feelings in the world for me is to feel alone and unable to sleep in the early hours. and it happens to me a lot too. didn't come on mn til late tonight so haven't read many threads. you can tell me which ones if you like, i don't mind if you need to talk x

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 01:22:42

i dont know if i should.lets just say it reafirmed some stuff in my head and bought a few things to the surface id rather not think about at this time of nightsad

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:31:45

do you have a smiley photo of j? i've got one of dd and it never fails to make me smile back at her.

i don't really know much of what happened to you but i've seen a few of your threads. i don't know how you do cope. i haven't got many real problems, but i struggle most of the time. sometimes the tears can be healing, but i think you have shed far more than you deserve to. you are a wonderful mum to j and you are much stronger than you think you are. each hour, day and week you get through proves this. i think i speak for a lot of your friends on mn too.

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:35:41

keep telling yourself that this low WILL pass soon honey. you know that the lows will still come, but as quickly as they do, they will pass and you will be feeling better again. you said yourself that you havent been sleeping, and you know that always makes things worse. make sure you nap with j tomorrow whenever he sleeps you have to look after yourself, it's just as important as looking after j.

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 01:41:53

i know.why i let myself get sucked into these things.i click and before i know it im absorbed.sometimes i just forget how little it takes to drag me backwards until its too late.i want to be able to read things without it affecting me but obviously i still cant do that yetsad
i cant sleep just worried if i do ill end up with a nightmare after this.ill not sleep well now anyway so there really seems little point even trying.

shabster Sun 10-Aug-08 01:46:28

I have no knowledge of anyone on this thread BUT can I just add - late at night is the very worst time for anyone who is feeling low. The worst time for any of our children who are not feeling very well. My fourth son did not sleep through the night till he was 5 years old and I can remember countless and never ending nights like this.

I realise none of that was any help but just want to say try and get some sleep.

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 01:53:46

i just think sometimes it helps to know someone else is there even in the dark hours. you will know when your body is ready. do you have a favourite film you could put on? a feel-good one that has a happy ending? curl up on the sofa with a blanket and you never know you might just drift off x

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 01:57:00

dummymumm have you changed your i know you?

Tortington Sun 10-Aug-08 02:04:04

oh fgs turn the bloody putr off

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 09:10:59

i turned it off and tried to sleep.only managed 2 hourssad

Dummymumm Sun 10-Aug-08 14:24:03

i have been on mn for about a year and a half but i did name change when dp found out my old nickname. (it was l o o p y l o u l i s a as all one word) we have some problems and i have posted about them occasionally. i used to post a lot when i was expecting dd (sept last year) x

UniversallyChallenged Sun 10-Aug-08 14:49:51

how are you feeling today CVQ?

CvQ Sun 10-Aug-08 15:36:46

tired and a bit low

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